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Psst! You Can Trade In Your Old Car Seat At Walmart For A $30 Gift Card

Do you know what feels just really great? Getting money for something you're not using any more. It's pretty much one of the best feelings a person can have, in my opinion. So now I can tell you how to get that feeling right this minute: Head on over to Walmart and trade in your old car seat. Once you do, you'll not only free up room in your house, you'll also get a nice little gift certificate. This is obviously a win/win.

For the first time ever, Walmart stores across the country will be offering customers the opportunity to trade in their old car seats in exchange for a $30 gift certificate. The superstores have partnered up with TerraCycle in an effort to keep those expired car seats (or even ones that your child has simply outgrown) from heading to the landfill as part of JPMA’s National Baby Safety Month.

Between Sept. 16 to Sept. 30, if you bring in your little one's old car seat, Walmart will take it off your hands and hand it over to TerraCycle, where the company will in turn recycle 100 percent of the car seat components, according to CNN. And you'll be walking around with an extra $30 to spend at Walmart, some of which you should probably spend on yourself since you were the one who did all the work, am I right?

So here's what you have to do if you want to save the environment and earn yourself a gift certificate at the same time. You head on over to your local participating Walmart Supercenter with your little one's old car seat. Walk up to the Customer Service counter with your car seat and say something like, "Here, take this now it's your problem." (Just kidding, don't say that). Smile and take your $30 gift card to use in store or online on things like snacks, clothes, or bath products to spoil yourself. Or whatever else you might choose, that part is pretty much up to you.

And here's some even better news: If you have more than one car seat to trade in you can bring up to two car seats, doubling up on your environmental activism and your rewards. It's a pretty terrific program that TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky told ABC 7 News that company is "proud" of. "Through the Walmart Car Seat Recycling Program, traditionally non-recyclable car seats are now nationally recyclable. We are proud to work with this forward-thinking company to offer families from coast-to-coast a way to give their car seat, the item that has kept their little ones safe, a second-life," Szaky said in a statement to ABC 7. "Through this event, we expect to divert the plastic equivalent of approximately 35 million water bottles from landfills."

It can be difficult to figure out precisely what to do with an expired or old car seat. Safety requirements get updated, leaving parents with younger children in a tough position. You don't want your baby riding around in an expired car seat, after all. The Walmart car seat trade-in program gives you the perfect solution to your problems. Get rid of old junk knowing it's going to be recycled and make a little money while you're at it.