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Here's How You Can Win A Visit From Marie Kondo Herself

If all you've been hearing about is "the joy of tidying" this and "KonMari" that, but have no time to tackle your own pile of junk, Netflix has got your back. The streaming giant announced one lucky winner will get a personalized visit from its newest star, the petite Queen of Clean herself. Want Marie Kondo to help tidy up your home? Enter this new contest for a chance to have her come help you determine which of your belongings spark joy.

As Refinery29 reported, Netflix has announced a brand-new competition to woo Kondo and her know-how over to your place — as long as you are in the United States.

The streaming service is looking for participants who want a consultation with Kondo based on unique items you collect and that "spark joy" in your heart, to use the show's catchphrase, according to the website.

Those who post their interesting item on either Twitter or Instagram need to also use the hashtag #GotJoy, plus include a little backstory about your treasure and its history, Refinery29 added.

Naturally, someone with a really good, or emotional, or odd, possession will likely be the winner, given how these sorts of things tend to work, so those who want to go for it should probably be very creative.

Entrants must be at least 18 years old, but that's the only limitation as long as you post before Feb. 1, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. (PT), Yahoo! News noted. You can find (or re-read) all the contest details on the event's very own website, which urges you to "find something in your home that sparks joy and take a picture. It can be as embarrassing, weird, cute, or boring as you want."

Guys, I totally want this prize. The problem is, I'm already well on my way with the tidying, having been watching Season 1 of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo faithfully on Netflix.

In case you're not quite sure how Kondo landed her Netflix show and got everyone to start tidying up, the show was based on Kondo's international bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, which has even gotten celebrities such as Jennifer Garner to clean their closets out.

Trust me, my house is a work in progress. But we've already done the "big" toy clean-out and my husband held a clothes-folding clinic with the kids. (Featuring Kondo's signature rolling method, of course, as opposed to old-school folding and stacking, allows you to see every item in your drawers.)

So I guess I could find an offbeat item I can't give up that sparks joy (I still have my girls' teeny-tiny pink newborn hospital bracelets, is that weird enough?) and then, if chosen, mess up my house on purpose for the big visit? Too much?

Other people on social media are strategizing, too. Most of the comments by fans on Kondo's Instagram page are early adopters of her methods, so, like me, there was concern their homes aren't disastrous enough. "I’m already done!" wrote one, while another thought fan of entering their parents.

And with InStyle reporting that celebrities from Busy Philipps to Kate Hudson and Jamie Lee Curtis have already decluttered based on Kondo's philosophy, that also apparently rules out much of Hollywood for possible participation in the competition. (Not to mention super fan Candace Cameron Bure, who makes a cameo in the video kicking off the event and has posted on tidying up multiple times.)

And even though my hoarding heyday may be mainly over, there's sure to be something gross or strange enough around here that will hopefully spark Kondo's attention. May the best contestant win!