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Cyrus's Storyline Came Full Circle On 'Scandal'

Season 6 of Scandal was a whirlwind of twists and surprises and an emotional rollercoaster in terms of trusting and losing trust for different characters. Cyrus is one of those characters who seemed suspicious early on, but who kind of fell off the radar after a while. But with Luna Vargas' own revelations on the Season 6 finale, was Cyrus behind Frankie Vargas' death on Scandal? The finale ended on a pretty shocking note that makes it seem so.

The first half of the season finale was basically Maya Pope's interrogation, with much of the suspicion laid on her shoulders, blaming her for being the mastermind behind the entire operation that had been taking control of Washington for the majority of the season. But after it became clear that Maya maybe wasn't the big bad after all, it was time to look elsewhere.

Enter Luna, who up until this point had been a bit character at best. Sure, she was set to be Mellie's vice president, but she was still such a minor character that she hadn't really warranted any concrete suspicion. But, as it turned out, it was Luna who helped Olivia really see who was behind the whole thing and, as it turned out, it was Cyrus all along.

At the beginning of the season, Cyrus being behind Frankie's death on Scandal seemed like a no-brainer, but after everything he'd been through, eventually it was hard to suspect him anymore and viewers sort of moved on from that theory. But during Thursday night's Season 6 finale of Scandal, when Cyrus spoke to Olivia about Luna as the next vice president and almost recited word for word what Luna had told Olivia before her death, it was clear that Cyrus had been the brains behind the entire thing after all.

The real kicker though is that with Olivia acting as Chief of Staff and head of the newly reinstated B613, she's the most powerful person in the world and apparently has no desire to seek justice in the form of locking Cyrus away for his crimes. This means that Season 7, the next and final season of Scandal, could be all about the gray lines between the white hats and bad guys.

Viewers finally learned the truth about Frankie's death on Scandal and Cyrus' part in the whole thing, but after all of the bloodshed and the crazy twists along the way, apparently Olivia has other plans to keep Cyrus in line.