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Fans Keep Wondering Where In The World Kim Kardashian Was When Khloé Gave Birth

The day has finally arrived, y'all. Multiple news sources have confirmed that Khloé Kardashian has reportedly given birth to a baby girl on Thursday, April 12. The newest little Kardashian's name hasn't been revealed yet, and the new mom has yet to make an official statement. But what about the rest of the famously tight-knit family? Were they able to be by her side as she's always been there for them through the years? Was Kim Kardashian with Khloé when she gave birth?

Fans are certainly curious about her whereabouts, since she was just on holiday in Turks and Caicos and has been posting photos of her tropical vacation over the past few days. Which would normally be par for the course for the globe-trotting KKW founder, if not for a devastating scandal looming over her very pregnant sister's head.

On Tuesday night, photos of Khloé's boyfriend, NBA player Tristan Thompson, allegedly cheating on her were shared by the Daily Mail. Those photos, which were reportedly taken on Saturday night in Manhattan (where Tristan was on hand as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers to play basketball), and quickly followed up by a video from TMZ that purported to show Tristan getting close to two women last October. Whether these rumors are true or not, this is not what a pregnant woman needs to see just days before she's due to give birth.

Reps for Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian have not yet responded to Romper's request for comment.

This is when a girl needs her sister... as several fans pointed out when Kim posted pics on Twitter from her beach vacation.

Fans will be gratified to know that Kim was reportedly present for the birth of her sister's baby, alongside stalwart momager Kris Jenner and Tristan. According to People, both Kris and Kim made plans to head to Cleveland, where Khloé was planning to give birth, once news broke of Tristan's alleged infidelities. A source close to the family told the magazine on Wednesday:

Kris is in Cleveland now giving Khloé as much support as possible and Kim is also heading there as well. They’re trying to keep her emotionally stable. The whole family is beyond pissed at Tristan. The goal is to get Khloé out of there as fast as they can without jeopardizing the safety of the baby after she’s arrived. Khloé just wants to be home.

So everyone can relax and stop coming down on Kim, maybe? She's in her sister's corner, like always.

Whether or not any member of the Kardashian/Jenner family will remain in Cleveland for longer than a minute remains to be seen; a source told E! News that the new mom was "pleading with her doctor" to go back to Los Angeles after Tristan's alleged cheating reports surfaced, so she could be close to her family for the birth, but her doctor believed she was too far along to travel safely. With good reason, apparently, since she gave birth on Thursday.

Now that the Good American jean designer has given birth, the trifecta of Kardashian/Jenner babies is finally complete. Kim Kardashian West welcomed third baby, daughter Chicago West, via surrogate on Jan. 15, and youngest sister Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first baby, daughter Stormi Webster, on Feb. 1. The baby boom has come to an end, for now.

And whatever else might happen for Khloé in the coming months, whether she and Tristan stay together or decide to end things, some things remain certain; she has her little girl. And her family. And millions of fans who are staunchly Team KoKo. I hope she knows that.

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