You Can Now Watch Sweet Lil' Penguins Dance Away In 'Happy Feet 2' For FREE On HBO

Family movie night is about to get much more delightful now that you can watch Happy Feet 2 for free on HBO. Penguin children dancing to classic hip hop — what's better than that?

Starting on Friday, April 3, HBO is making a whole slew of its quality programming free as part of the #StayHomeBoxOffice. While there will be many shows that are definitely geared towards adult viewing like The Wire, The Sopranos, and Veep, there will also be loads to watch with the kids, including the 2011 movie Happy Feet 2.

Happy Feet 2 tells the story of Mumble the penguin, who is really quite a fantastic tap dancer, and his singing friends and family. This time around Mumble, voiced by Elijah Wood from Lord Of The Rings, has a son called Erik with the love of his life Gloria. He still hangs out with his old pal Lovelace, played by the late great Robin Williams, and together with the rest of the gang Mumble has to overcome dangers facing the penguins living in Antarctica.

It's a charming, colorful animated movie full of music and choreographed penguin dance numbers, and as of April 3 it's free to stream for a limited time via HBO even for non-subscribers as a gesture of goodwill to the millions of people cooped up at home.

So how do non-subscribers access all of the quality free programming available to stream on HBO? Just head on over to HBO Now or HBO Go and hit play. There are plenty of other options for kids to watch for free on HBO right now, including the Ryan Reynolds in Detective Pikachu, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, and Smallfoot.

As families across the country are spending more time indoors, why not spend the time wisely? Settle in for an afternoon in the Antarctic watching choreographed dances by talented penguins in Happy Feet 2.