Watch Sia's "Alive" Music Video, Starring A Badass Young Martial Artist — VIDEO

by Kate Ward

Sia clearly has a new MO. Not only does each song release from the singer prove why she's one of the best voices in the industry today (seriously, why did no one realize this during her Zero 7 era?), but the artist also seems intent on showcasing some of the best young talent in the world today. Because, on Wednesday, comes the release of Sia's new music video for "Alive," and the video features... what else? A young, badass girl that will leave you in awe. 

This time around, instead of Maddie Ziegler — the Dance Moms star-turned-"Chandelier" dancer/favorite Halloween costume — it's a young martial artist, whose moves are as fierce as they are impressive. Clearly, Sia's new young surrogate (donning a Sia wig and all) is showcasing the Australian singer-songwriter's inner fighter, which means you have a new anthem to howl in your bedroom or in your car when you need to unwind. Because, let's face it, you need to add another tune to your "Hello" repertoire. 

Speaking of Adele, "Alive" might have sounded completely different if it featured the song's original target, the British songstress herself. Yep, "Alive" was supposed to be sung by Adele, but, come on, Sia kills it. So much so, that I'm finding myself actually wishing for winter to come — after all, that's when Sia's album, This Is Acting, is released. I never thought I'd say this, but — Jan. 29, please come faster.