'Westworld' Couples Costume Ideas For Halloween That Will Make You Feel Invincible

by Tessa Shull

With last year's new HBO science fiction thriller Westworld, viewers everywhere, including myself, were totally taken by storm. As if HBO didn't already hold the gold mine of shows, this new concept is – no surprise – just as amazing on so many levels, literally. But with almost a two-year airing gap between season one and two, fans are in dire need to fill the void. What better way to do so than with a Westworld couples costume this Halloween?

For those who aren't familiar with Westworld, HBO defined it as a place without limits where all human appetites can be indulged. Or in other words, it's a world that's built for humans to visit, as if they're in another time period, with extremely advanced robots that are eerily life-like. People are able to act out whatever scenarios they'd like without consequence. Except, the show begins to address whether or not the "made up" world is really without consequence to all characters involved – human or not. As the mystery unfolds, viewers begin to see there are several different levels and deeper meanings behind Westworld, and the rest you'll just have to watch for yourself.

Whether you have a favorite character for Dolores to end up with in mind, are partial to one of the pairs of besties, or are more the villain type, there are plenty of duos for you dress up as this Halloween. What's great about the duos highlighted here is that you can even switch them around for a different mixture of your two favorite characters. Chances are they have had some type of interaction on the show. Find out how to get the Westworld look for your couples' costume this year here.


Dolores & William

Although Teddy is often the programmed hero or lover for Dolores in many of the earliest Westworld scenarios, so many people began rooting for Dolores and William once Dolores broke out of the mold. If you're one of the couples who adore the idea of Dolores and William together, make them your couples' costume for Halloween. For Dolores' post damsel-in-distress look, seek out a pair of dark khaki pants ($33, JCPenney), a button-up collared dress shirt ($60, Lands' End), and suspenders or a brown belt ($15, Target). For William's look, grab a pair of tweed suit pants – or even the whole suit ($140, Amazon), a dress shirt ($25, Kohl's), and a pair of suspenders ($15, Walmart). Find an off-white cowboy hat ($50, Boot Barn) to complete his look.


Dolores & Teddy

Dolores and Teddy have an always-and-never type of relationship in the show that has Teddy always trying to save Dolores but never quite getting to be with her. Teddy eventually takes on the difficult mission of finding her with the Man in Black villain, and thus, this duo is still many viewers' relationship goals. If you want to get their look this Halloween, I'd suggest going with the vintage blue farm dress ($100, Amazon) Dolores begins her story in, which can be found as a costume or pieced together with vintage finds online or in store. For Teddy's look, grab a dark brown cowboy hat ($35, Fort Brands) and gun holster ($75, Cabela's) for props. Then, find a dark grey tweed suit jacket ($30, Etsy) and grey jeans ($60, JCPenney). You can top the look off with your own personal touch, like a dark-colored dress shirt, brown belt, and a five-o'clock shadow.


Elsie & Bernard

Elsie and Bernard are probably my two favorite as a team. It also feels like there's some chemistry starting between the two as well. If you want to get their Westworld look, here's how. Both Elsie and Bernard's looks don't necessarily stand out, but they still have characteristics a loyal fan will pick up on. For example, Bernard is often found in suit attire, specifically an all-black suit and tie ($100, Kohl's) with a blue dress shirt ($17, Kohl's) underneath. To top of his look, you have to find some black-framed glasses ($7, Party City) if you don't have any handy. Elsie, on the other hand, is often in black pants ($10, H&M) and a dark jacket ($70, Carhartt) of some sort buttoned completely up or with a bit of a white or grey shirt peaking out. You can also add her protective lab goggles ($6, Uline) in as a prop.


Maeve & Hector

Maeve is another of my favorite characters. She's had such a diverse and heartbreaking past that you can't help but root for her as she finds her strength and story throughout the show. If you want to dress up as a memorable duo with Maeve involved, try pairing bad boy Hector with Maeve this October. To get Maeve's look, you can piece together vintage saloon-style clothing and shoes, or you go the prepackaged route with this Adult Saloon Costume ($52, Candy Apple Costumes). For Hector's look, you want to focus on unruly and all black. Find a black leather jacket ($70, H&M), black jeans ($21, JCPenney), and a black cowboy hat ($35, Fort Brands). For props, grab a toy knife, gun, and holster to really spice up Hector's look this Halloween. For the final touch, pick out the best pair of fierce black boots you can find.

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