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What Are 'The Bachelor' Cast’s Instagrams? It's Never Too Early To Get To Know Colton's Ladies


From the moment Colton Underwood was announced as the Season 23 Bachelor, there were a lot of questions — mostly about Colton’s virginity and how fantasy suite dates would play out, but once that got old, the focus shifted to the women. And since the list is out and his potential wife could be somewhere in the mix of the 30 women, you have to wonder: What are The Bachelor cast’s Instagrams? There’s never a wrong time to social media stalk Bachelor contestants.

While Becca and Tia may be in his past, Colton somehow rose in popularity seemingly overnight and it makes you wonder what kind of women are going to be fighting for his love and roses this season on The Bachelor.

Luckily, most of the cast’s Instagrams are public, so there’s plenty to creep on to get to know them before the Jan. 7 premiere. As to be expected, some of the ladies already have impressive social media followings, likely well before they were announced as part of the cast, but social media "influencers" are nothing new to the franchise.

Among Colton’s contestants these season, there are also a few women who seem like they could be legitimate candidates for a lasting relationship with the guy, so here’s hoping that things work out for him in the end.

Adrianne "Jane"

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Considering she has two different names, it’s hard to say what Adrianne, or Jane’s, Instagram is. But what I can tell you is that when she’s not at work as a social worker, she prefers to spend free time with her mom and her dog. She might be the perfect match for Colton. Just saying.

Alex B.

alexblumberg on Instagram

Alex B.’s Instagram bio refers to her job in canine rescue, which you can't be mad at. There are also some professional modeling photos, however, so something tells me she has a side gig in a totally unrelated field.

Alex D.

alexdillon94 on Instagram

Alex D. doesn't have anything in her Instagram bio other than her name, but judging from her photos with friends, she seems to value friendship above almost everything else. I’m already rooting for her.


ang_sherm on Instagram

Unlike some Bachelor contestants of the past and present, Angelique’s Instagram doesn't have many of the strategically posed photos that look pretty professional. Instead, she posts lots of selfies and pictures with family members.


annie_reardon on Instagram

Annie’s Instagram bio includes the fact that she has seven dogs and I think that’s all anyone needs to know in order to instantly love her for Colton.


Craig Sjodin/ABC

Unfortunately, Brianna’s Instagram is private, but it does show that she has more than 34,000 followers. She either already had a chunk of those or gained a ton of followers ahead of The Bachelor because some fans know something others don’t.


caelynnmillerkeyes on Instagram

Caelynn was Miss North Carolina U.S.A. in 2018 and her Instagram doesn't let you forget her experience on the pageant circuit and current work as a model.


cclemmentine on Instagram

Caitlin is a successful realtor and her Instagram shows just how well she’s perfected the friendly smile and professional poses. I.e., you aren't going to find any skeletons in her closet via Instagram.


cassierandolph on Instagram

Cassie is super close to her younger sister, Michelle, who looks more like her twin than anything and on Cassie’s Instagram, you can see how strong their bond is. I expect lots of interrogations if Cassie makes it to hometown dates with Colton.


missagro_ on Instagram

According to Catherine’s Instagram bio, she’s a University of Florida alum, twin, Libra, real estate agent, cannabis consultant, producer, and DJ.


thecourtneyc on Instagram

Courtney already has her own brand, complete with a lifestyle and cooking blog and digital media design agency. I’m not knocking her for being a total boss, but she has post-Bachelor schilling possibilities written all over her social media.


demi_not_lovato on Instagram

At 23, Demi joins a few other contestants on the younger end of the spectrum this season, but her Instagram makes it seem like she has a sense of humor about the season ahead. Case in point, one caption that says, "I wonder if this is going to be THE MOST DRAMATIC SEASON YET?!?!"


devingooden on Instagram

Devin is a broadcast journalist and sports lover and her Instagram shows that. It might also be part of what could draw Colton, a former tight end, to the contestant.


elysemichelle_mua on Instagram

Elyse’s Instagram has a mixture of photos with close friends and family and some before and after makeup shots of her clients.


enuttss on Instagram

Judging by Erika’s Instagram, she seems to be really close to her family, namely her sister, and I have a feeling Colton will appreciate strong familial bonds this season.


erin_landry on Instagram

According to Erin’s Instagram, she seems to enjoy a good party (who doesn’t?) and a good New York style pizza. Same, girl.

Hannah B.

itsalabamahannah on Instagram

Hannah B.’s Instagram bio says that she was Miss Alabama U.S.A. in 2018, so there’s a good chance that she and Caelynn already know each other. It could make for some *interesting* interactions.

Hannah G.

hannahg11 on Instagram

Hannah G.’s Instagram has a lot of professional modeling photos, but also captions making fun of herself, so you kind of have to like her.


hdiggetydawg on Instagram

Heather’s big schtick this season is that she’s never been kissed by a guy before and, as she wrote on her Instagram, she’s ready to have the world see how much she "voluntarily" embarrasses herself this season.


katieemo on Instagram

The two big takeways from Katie’s Instagram are that she enjoys fitness and she’s already friends with fellow former Bachelor contestant Jasmine Goode.


kirpasudick on Instagram

Kirpa’s Instagram bio doesn't give away any clues about who she is outside of The Bachelor, but her profile does show that she's a sucker for traveling.


lalaalauraaa on Instagram

Laura’s Instagram shows how much The Bachelor contestant loves the outdoors and that could go a long way with Colton.


nicolelovar on Instagram

Nicole’s Instagram bio says that she is a "caption queen" and I’m inclined to agree. The caption under one of her photos, for example, says, "The old Nicole can’t come to the phone right now (jk but I will take at least 3 business days because of who I am as a person)."


nina.bartula on Instagram

If you want to have serious travel envy, then feel free to peruse Nina’s Instagram.


onyekaehie on Instagram

The fact that Onyeka’s Instagram bio says “Be the reason someone smiles today” is reason enough to want her to go far this season.


rev_yo_engine on Instagram

Revian is a nurse first and foremost, but judging by her Instagram, when she’s not helping people, she’s all about having fun with friends.


sydneylotuaco on Instagram

Sydney’s experience as professional dancer definitely shows on her Instagram, but you’ll also get to see some adorable pictures of her dog.


Craig Sjodin/ABC

Tahzjuan is another contestant who’s chosen to keep her Instagram private, at least for the time being. But her Bachelor bio says that, despite being a business development associate, she has a tattoo that says "I love bad ideas."


tayshiaaa on Instagram

Tayshia’s Instagram definitely show’s how adventurous she is and how close she is with her family. I honestly can't see her backing down from any daunting dates this season.


tshapoff on Instagram

One of the photos on Tracy’s Instagram shows her with three fluffy dogs. If that isn't an indication of a future connection with Colton, given his own love for dogs, then I don't know what is.

I expect plenty of awful jokes about Colton’s virginity to take up the majority of the Jan. 7 season premiere. What I’m most looking forward to, however, is getting to know all of the women who may or may not have signed up for The Bachelor hoping it would be him and not one of Becca’s other former suitors. Until the season officially premieres, there’s no time like the present to Insta-stalk them all.

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