Courtesy of Mishal Ali Zafar

If You're Looking For A Special Holiday Fingerling, Here's What You Should Know

by Mishal Ali Zafar

Santa has been getting quite a few requests for Fingerlings this year. They are on the wish lists for kids of all ages, and along with Santa, parents have been having a hard time finding them. But parents are nothing if not persistent when it comes to making their kids happy, especially when it comes to holiday gifts. With the holiday season right around the corner, if you’ve been trying to get your hands on a Fingerling, you may be curious about any special releases. So what are the special holiday Fingerlings, and where can you get them?

So far, the manufacturer WowWee, has only hinted about their special Walmart exclusive Fingerling, Kingsley the Sloth, which will be released in November, just in time for holiday shopping. Aside from Kingsley, WowWee has six Fingerling monkeys, including Bella (pink), Boris (blue), Finn (black), Mia (purple), Sophie (white), and Zoe (teal). They also released a Fingerling unicorn called Gigi through Toys "R" Us, but she has been sold out for quite a while.

If you aren’t familiar with Fingerlings, they are adorable interactive robotic monkeys that can respond to your motions and voice, while clinging onto your finger, or hanging on the side of your notebook. You can cling or hang them onto any surface they can fit on, and they will blink their eyes and turn their heads to react to you. They come with two sensors on their head that allow them to respond to you with 40 different sounds and animations, including farting and burping, blowing kisses back to you, and snoring and sleeping when you gently rock them to bed.

Courtesy of Mishal Ali Zafar

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Kingsley can do pretty much the same as the Fingerling monkeys. The sloth responds to sound, motion, and touch with his blinking eyes, head turns, and silly sloth sounds. You can hang him upside down by his tail, watch him coo and giggle, and even watch him get excited when you make a loud noise. The only difference is that because Kingsley is a sloth, and not a monkey, he moves 20 percent slower than the other Fingerlings, keeping true to his sloth nature.

Fingerlings are popular not only because they are adorable and fun to play with, but also because they are one of the few robotic toys that are affordable and easy to use. Most interactive or robotic toys require kids to learn complicated gestures to make them respond and can cost upwards of $100. Fingerlings, however, are very simple to use — no learning curve required. And unbelievably, they retail for just $15, which is a terrific price and definitely gives you a bang for your buck.

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It may be a bit of a quest trying to find them. You can head out to your local Walmart to find Kingsley, and also keep an eye out for Fingerling monkeys at your local Toys "R" Us stores. They usually don’t stay in stock for too long, but are occasionally restocked online and in stores. You can use websites like NowInStock and Zoolert to track stock and set up alerts on your phone or email, so you can see when they become available. If you are willing to spend some extra cash, you will easily find Fingerlings from Amazon and Ebay resellers at twice or three times the retail price.

So if you are hoping to pick up a Fingerling for your kids for the holidays, you might need to plan ahead and do a little hunting. Hopefully, WowWee will release more Fingerlings before Christmas so that parents can have the opportunity to get the smiles and hugs they are looking for this holiday season.

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