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What Did Chad Call JoJo On 'The Bachelorette'?

JoJo just kicked Chad to the curb on The Bachelorette, causing him to have a temper tantrum. He started rattling off curses about JoJo, some bleeped out, which begs the question: what did Chad call JoJo?

Things weren't looking good for Chad from the onset of Tuesday night's special episode. The other contestants have turned against him, and Chris Harrison had to get involved. Because of his rude behavior during the first three weeks and physical altercations in the last few episodes, Harrison made Chad apologize. That would be all well and good, if Chad's version of an apology wasn't a mansplaining mess: "Generally, I'm not here to start issues with any of you guys. Like you're a good guy, I'm sure, probably. I don't have an issue with you. I just want you to leave me alone — don't push me. Tell me we've settled things."

Obviously, no one was happy with this "apology." Despite this, Chad earned a rose partway through the episode and jetted off to rural Pennsylvania with JoJo and the other contestants. Chad, however, did not earn a one-on-one date and was not a part of larger group dates. Instead, he was placed on a two-on-one date in the woods with Alex, the marine.

During the date, Alex disclosed to JoJo that Chad isn't who he appears to be. Alex told JoJo about the threats, physical violence, and disdain the other contestants had for him. This caused JoJo to reject Chad, powerfully telling him off and handing a rose to Alex. Chad was left alone in the woods (well, alone with the camera crew).

Typical of a villain like Chad, he had a very fragile ego. JoJo sending him home set him off, ranting to the producers about this apparent injustice. He cursed the other contestants and JoJo – one word in particular being bleeped out. What did Chad call her? It's easy to assume the worst, especially considering that Chad spewed misogynistic garbage about JoJo when he was still in the competition. If Chad called JoJo "naggy" during a fake proposal, imagine what he had no qualms calling her when she called it quits.

Regardless, JoJo was not intimidated by Chad and listened to her heart by sending him home. From the preview of the next episode, though, it looks like we've not seen the last of him. His outburst, however, may say all we need to know about who he is.