Paul Hebert/ABC

Derek May Have Just Lost His Chances With Taylor On 'Paradise'

As always on Bachelor in Paradise, some couples take awhile to end up together. Evan and Carly from last season is a classic example — and they said their vows earlier this year. Others, however, pair up right away and spend their time in Paradise together. Such is the case with Derek and Taylor, who became an item practically immediately; they even survived the production break. On Monday night's episode, though, Derek said something during a conversation that set Taylor off. What did Derek say to Taylor on Bachelor in Paradise? It may have ruined the relationship.

Partway through the episode, Derek and Taylor were hanging out by a pool and, at first, having a chill conversation. They were talking about how they respond to each other when they're annoyed at each other — which, from a third party perspective, seemed like a mature conversation. Unfortunately, though, it quickly descended into a fight. Taylor — a mental health counselor, in case viewers don't remember her prolonged "emotional intelligence" conversation with Corinne on The Bachelor — said that she was worried about the way Derek copes when he's annoyed at her. Taylor expressed concern because he doesn't communicate. To that, he simply said, "f*ck you."

Taylor is immediately triggered by the language. In a confessional, she said that a previous partner used to curse at her like that and she would shut down. Derek tries to make it better... by asking if he could kiss her. Dude, no. Taylor is clearly inconsolable, and after awhile Derek leaves her alone. The next day, she talks to Dominique about how she's emotionally exhausted from the ordeal. She says that "once that language and disrespect comes into the conversation," she just shuts down.

The next morning, Derek also talked about the fight with the other men on the show. Once he said that he told Taylor "f*ck you," they cringed as much as Bachelor Nation at home. Going into the rose ceremony, Derek was nervous that he and Taylor were over because of what he said. He went on to say that if Taylor doesn't accept his rose, then there's no reason for him to be there. If that ends up happening, two words would've ended their relationship. Granted, it's more than just two words for Taylor, and he was pretty rude — but nonetheless, it proves that anything can happen in Paradise.