Eric McCandless/Freeform

Spencer Visits An Important Grave On 'Pretty Little Liars'

On Pretty Little Liars, Spencer and the other girls took a trip to Charles DiLaurentis' empty grave to try and figure out if A.D. had hidden Archer Dunhill's body there. However, at the last minute they decided not to dig up the grave so that they wouldn't be trapped once again in A.D.'s endless mysteries and wild chases. But before they departed from the gravesite, Spencer murmured something to the stone. What did Spencer say to the grave on Pretty Little Liars?

Admittedly, it was fully incomprehensible to me. I lack Spencer's linguistic skills, so I couldn't recognize the language she was speaking in, particularly because she was speaking so softly. The closed captioning was no use either; all it had to offer was the super unhelpful [speaks foreign language]. Thankfully, Twitter always comes through in a pinch.

Before preparing to dig up the grave, Spencer had remarked on the irony of using Charles' empty grave to hide a body — specifically how it took a symbolic grave and made it into a real one. And according to Twitter user DevonCaylin, that was exactly what Spencer said to the headstone. She was simply repeating her point, presumably for emphasis, in another language.

Spencer murmuring to a headstone seemed significant at first because it raised a lot of questions. Could it have been Spencer's twin saying something important? Did she know something about A.D. no one else did? Was it a secret clue the audience would have to puzzle over for a week until the finale aired? But based on that translation, it looks like it wasn't actually a mystery at all and there was no deeper meaning. Spencer was merely restating her previous statement.

She was also clearly relishing in the drama. As though it wasn't melodramatic enough to be digging up a possibly-empty grave in the middle of the night while a fog rolled in, Spencer had to throw in some cryptic mutterings for maximum dramatics. She might as well have pulled a full Hamlet, dropped down into the grave, and started chatting with Archer's skull. It definitely would have added a little pizzazz to the proceedings.

It's easy to read into every little thing that happens on Pretty Little Liars. Fans have spent years searching for meaning in the smallest moments so that they could figure out the show's grand mysteries. But "Farewell My Lovely" proved that sometimes a dramatic aside to a grave is just that: a little bit of extra flair, but not much more.