'Counting On' Star Austin Forsyth Has A Long History With His Family's Business

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth of TLC's Counting On haven't been wasting any time at all when it comes to setting up their family. The newlyweds are expecting their first baby just five months after tying the knot. Between being a new husband, an expectant father, and a reality star, what could Austin Forsyth possibly do for a living? And how would he even find the time to go to work with everything else going on?

Fortunately for Austin, it seems he is a well-seasoned reality fixture. Not only has he been featured on Counting On for a few yearsfollowing the innumerable Duggars as their family continues to grow exponentially — he was actually featured on Season 1 of World's Strictest Parents back in 2009 on CMT. The show featured troubled teens who were moved to strict households to be shown the error of their ways.

Austin's parents own Fort Rock Christian Family Camp and Retreat Center in Combs, Arkansas, a Christian camp that features horseback riding, archery, and 6:30 am wake-up calls for wayward kids to work on the grounds (as depicted in World's Strictest Parents). While it sounds like a pretty tough gig — especially considering Austin's parents, Terry and Roxanne Forsyth don't allow closed bedroom doors at the camp — he must not have hated it too terribly, because he reportedly continues to work there to this day, according to the camp's website.

Much like the rest of the Duggar sisters' husbands, Forsyth doesn't appear to be a big fan of social media. While his actual position at Fort Rock Family Camp is a little unclear, whatever he is doing seems to be very popular. One fan who had been to the camp posted on the Fort Rock Facebook page:

I am so happy for y'all! Austin made a huge impact on our family when we came to camp. Love that your happily married to a super sweet young lady! Hope to come stay again soon. Love to all!

Austin also shared this picture of the Fort Rock Family Camp on his Instagram page with the caption, "Fort Rock Family Camp has its last Family Camp for the season coming up on October 6-8, 2017."

While Austin might want to preserve a little of his privacy, he certainly doesn't mind sharing his love for his new bride; the couple actually knew each other for 15 years before he asked to officially court her in November, according to Us Weekly.

The two reportedly met when they were just 4 and 7, and remained friends throughout their childhood. When Austin asked Joy-Anna to marry him in February, he even went for a full hug, clearly forgetting the Duggar "side hug only" rule in his excitement. Steamy.

Now that Joy-Anna and Austin are expecting their first child, will they continue to raise their children with the same values as their parents (the Forsyths and Duggars have been friends ever since the Forsyths moved to Arkansas and joined the Duggars' church, according to Us Weekly). Both sets of parents shared similar rules about enforcing modest clothing and saving sex for marriage, but neither Joy-Anna nor Austin seem in a hurry to worry about anything beyond becoming parents. Joy-Anna told People when news of her pregnancy broke in August:

I have a lot of good memories of my mom teaching us and the quality time we spent together, and I’m really looking forward to doing that with my own children. It’s such an amazing thing to be a parent and raise children!

As for Austin, he told People at the time:

I’m really looking forward to the journey of this pregnancy and all the different stages it will bring. It’s really exciting and I feel so blessed to be a dad! We are beyond thankful!

One thing's for sure: their baby will have access to a pretty cool looking camp if Austin stays on at Fort Rock. Because I mean... horses, right?

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