What That Snapchat Blueberry Is All About

Do you remember back in middle school, when girls would have these secret games? Word association stuff, the kind of thing where if you understood what they were talking about, you were totally in but if not... well, you were just Gretchen from Mean Girls trying to make "Fetch" happen. So if you're confused by what blueberry means on Snapchat, you could be the Gretchen of your social media friend group. Sorry.

As of Christmas 2016, Snapchat Stories has now become an exclusive club of girls using adorable fruit emojis to totally "confuse boys." The fruit system is actually a hierarchy of secret coding to let people know your relationship status. Unless, of course, those people are the confounded boys who probably took one look at the fruit emoji, shrugged, and went back to playing video games. As one such mother of said boys, I know what I'm talking about, believe me. But for anyone more invested in decoding the fruit system on Snapchat Stories, Wojdylo Social Media found that the secret code looks a little like this:

Blueberry = Single

Pineapple = Complicated

Raspberry = Doesn’t wanna commit

Cherry = Relationship

Lemon = Wants to be single

Banana = Can’t find the right person

A group message was reportedly sent out privately among girls who were looking to take a little break from all of that enforced family holiday merriment to mess with boys' heads and have a little fun.

This isn't the first time teenage girls have gotten together to not only confuse boys, but also everyone else on the internet over the age of 21 years old (I'll admit it, I was confused). According to Reddit, some girls are also posting animals on Snapchat Stories as a way to let people know their relationship status without actually using words like "I'm single," etc.

In fact, secret messages between girls is a time-honored tradition of bonding that always seems to end up sort of being about boys, while also having nothing at all to do with boys. There's a seductive power to secrecy, a bond between girls that seems to permeate much of the insecurity, the fear, the low self-confidence that comes with adolescence. Boys might often be the subject, but they rarely end up being the "point."

I have to say, I sort of wish we weren't wrecking their secret here. Because I miss the days of passing notes in class, of playing "Truth or Dare" at sleepovers when "Truth" was always more frightening (and more thrilling) than "Dare." Maybe it's time we grown-up ladies take a page out of the young girls' book and come up with our own secret messages about what's important in our life. Like sleep, wine, shoes... you get it.