Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Corinne's Family Support Her 'Bachelor' Journey

The sneak peeks for Season 21 of The Bachelor have stitched together a dozen moments in a montage designed to reveal very little while making viewers as excited as possible. Many of the previews for the season appear to be setting up the potential "villain" arc of Corinne Olympios, who will do whatever it takes in her quest to win Nick Viall's heart – and don't you forget it! Scandalous late night visits to his hotel room? Done. Whipping off one's bikini top in a pool to earn a group date rose? Already there. While holding her hard-won rose, Corinne says, "Dad would be proud. Even though I was naked." But what does Corinne's family think of The Bachelor?

It seems like Corinne knows her family well, because they have no problem with what they've seen of the show so far – at least, that's what TMZ has reported. It doesn't seem like Corinne herself has commented on her family's opinion of her antics, but according to media outlet, Corinne and her family sat down to watch the first episode together and had a fine time doing so. Neither Corinne nor her parents are bothered by the things she did on the show or the way editing has depicted her.

It seems like Corinne is pretty close to her family. Her father appeared briefly in her introductory video during the premiere when she mentioned that she was planning to take over his business at some point. (Corinne sometimes references owning or running her own business, so it's not clear just how big her role is in the company currently.) Since she's so involved in the family business and they obviously trust her with the responsibility, it seems fair to assume that the Olympios are a close-knit bunch.

Corinne knowing what she wants and deciding to go after it aren't the worst qualities to have, even if her methods are especially attention-getting. She's doing what people on reality TV shows do: playing to the cameras to get the most screen time. It looks like she's successful at it too, considering the buzz she's getting (a whole promo all to herself after a single episode?) and because Nick appreciates her assertiveness.

If Corinne is as close with her family as she seems to be, and if her personality behind the scenes is as strong as it is in front of the camera, then her family probably wasn't surprised by anything they saw and will remain her support system throughout the rest of her Bachelor journey.