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Danielle M. Is A Super Chill 'Bachelor' Contestant

Although it's still unclear who ends up with Nick on The Bachelor, the final six have been chosen and from here on out it's only going to get a lot more stressful and all around crazy among the remaining women. One of Nick's very early one-on-one dates, Danielle M., has also unsurprisingly made it to the final six, but what does Danielle M. think about The Bachelor? She seems like she had a good time while filming and doesn't seem bitter about how anything turned out, but that could all just be saving face for now. Still, judging by her social media accounts, Danielle M. made a lot of new friends on The Bachelor, so even if she doesn't end up with Nick, she got the consolation prize in the form of several new BFFs and who can be mad at that?

So far this season, Danielle M. hasn't been a drama starter or even a drama instigator, so it's not too shocking to see that everything she posts on social media about The Bachelor is about the friendships she's made or the dates she got to go on with Nick. And from the looks of it, thanks to the fact that she's easily one of the most chill contestants, she didn't even realize half of the drama that was going down.

The 31-year-old neonatal nurse tweeted that she didn't even know the drama that had gone down between Jasmine and Corinne in Monday night's episode until she watched it herself, meaning that she is definitely not of the drama-starting variety this season. In some ways, you would think that would mean that she wouldn't make it very far. But her ability to be super chill, while apparently building some real friendships along the way, is what has gotten her into the final six on The Bachelor and she deserves the spot.

Under a photo of Taylor, Danielle M. wrote an acronym dedicated to her with: "T- total babe. A- astronomically smart. Y- yolo. L- lyrical genius. O- out of your league. R- really loves cats. I love you @taymocha my boss ass B." So regardless of how much longer fans are going to get to enjoy Danielle M. on The Bachelor this season, she clearly holds no ill will toward anyone.

Although Danielle M. got the first one-on-one date with Nick this season, she's only been part of group dates since then, so it doesn't look good as far as longevity goes for the Nashville native. Obviously there's still time for Danielle M. to get more alone time with Nick, but since he hasn't gotten to know her better than some of the other contestants, there's no telling how much further she's going to go. But if she does end up getting eliminated on The Bachelor, Danielle M. hasn't thrown any shade toward Nick or the show on social media, so regardless, she's remaining as cool as ever.