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Here's Why You're Craving Chick-fil-A While Pregnant

Why is it that everyone always wants Chick-fil-A on Sundays when it's not open? It never fails, and is a cultural phenomenon. (Or it could just be humans wanting what they can’t have.) But let's be real — some people (me) not only crave it on Sundays, but every other day of the week as well. Those waffle fries, that perfectly fried chicken, and those Ice Dreams? Forget about it. Cravings don't only hit pregnant women though, so what does it mean if you crave Chick-fil-A while pregnant? Is there anything different for pregnant women than for the rest of the population who can’t get enough of Chick-fil-A’s menu?

According to Amanda Capriglione, a registered and certified dietitian nutritionist with Northwell Health in Long Island, "There really is no clear-cut answer to why some women crave salty over sweet or fried over pickled foods during pregnancy. A simple theory is that woman may feel the need to eat a food that contains a nutrient they are lacking, e.g., if they're craving fried chicken, maybe they need some more protein in their diet."

If you crave salty foods (like waffle fries) your body could be needing more sodium, and as for greasy foods, “it could just simply be our bodies yearning for the comforting and homey taste of yummy crunch,” Capriglione says in an email to Romper.

If you’re craving those Ice Dreams or milkshakes from Chick-fil-A, your body may be craving more calcium, and Capriglione says it’s definitely OK to indulge in those sweet cravings, but to just balance it out with healthful foods as well. Capriglione suggests, along with waffle fries, grabbing a Grilled Market Salad, grilled chicken nuggets, or a Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap to complete your meal.

"By combining a treat (fried and crunchy) with a lean protein (satisfying, but more heart healthy) — you get the best of both worlds for you and your baby," she says. "Consuming balanced meals and healthy snacks most of the time leaves a little wiggle room for shakes and fries. The most important thing to remember is to not overload your diet with too much unhealthy foods — we want room for healthy choices, too," Capriglione says.

Definitely indulge in those CFA cravings —they’re completely normal. Eat those delicious waffle fries. Drink that milkshake. You can even split with your partner. I’m sure they will appreciate your sacrifice, because who doesn't love Chick-fil-A?