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What Does Michelle Duggar Do Now? The '19 Kids & Counting' Mom Is Still Busy

Michelle Duggar made a name for herself as the matriarch of a massive family on TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, and cemented her place in popular culture on subsequent spinoffs on the network, including Counting On, which she occasionally appears on. But now that she's not filming a reality TV show full-time, and a majority of her kids are grown up, fans of the ever-expanding family might be wondering, what does Michelle Duggar do now?

Michelle doesn't work outside the home, and hasn't since before the show premiered, as In Touch Weekly reported. The family's strict religion encourages women "to seek traditional roles as housewives and mothers," according to In Touch Weekly. Michelle has spent much of her life focused on maintaining a household and raising and homeschooling her children. Michelle's oldest child, Josh Duggar, is now 31 years old, and nine of her 19 kids are legally considered adults, many of whom are married and raising families of their own.

Michelle, 52, still has seven children at home between the ages of 9 and 17, plus her unmarried daughter Jana Duggar, who recently surprised her parents with a bedroom makeover, as she documented on Instagram. According to Cheat Sheet, Jana helps Michelle care for her younger children and with their homeschooling curriculum.

In addition to her duties as a mom, Michelle runs the Duggar family blog, with the most recent post published on March 3, 2019. According to Cheat Sheet, she also runs their family social media accounts and handles all announcements on their behalf. And running the Duggar family blog is no simple task. A look at the site shows it's updated quite frequently, with updates on things from the show as well as other family news ranging from big announcements and holidays. The most recent post is dedicated to wishing Josh Duggar a happy birthday, signed "Mommy & Daddy."

A previous post from July 2018 shared some of Michelle's lessons from "34 beautiful, wonderful years of marriage" to her husband, Jim Bob Duggar, which include the "7 basic needs of husbands and wives."

Beyond maintaining the family blog and social media accounts, viewers of Counting On learned during a recent episode that Michelle also continues to homeschool her younger children. During a recent episode of the TLC show, Jessa Duggar's husband Ben Seewald came in to combine cooking and math into one helpful life lesson for the younger Duggar kids, according to Cheat Sheet.

While Michelle may no longer be in the spotlight as much as her older children — John-David Duggar recently got hitched to Abbie Burnett and Jessa is currently pregnant with her third child — she is still plenty busy being a wife, mother, and more to her husband Jim Bob and her younger kids. The family is very close, and spend a lot of time together just enjoying each other's company, attending church, celebrating new milestones, doing missionary work, and helping to raise the many Duggar children as they join the family.