Everything We Know About Nilsa Prowant From 'Floribama Shore'

Some things just never go out of style and one of them is MTV reality shows about young, attractive people partying on a beach. Once upon time it was the Jersey Shore, and now, it's Floribama Shore. Now that the series is in full swing, everyone wants to know what Floribama Shore star Nilsa Prowant does in real life.

The whole premise of the show, according to MTV, is to let twenty-somethings all live in a house together in Panama City Beach and escape their "real life responsibilities" in the name of finding true love and winning some cash. So things are likely to get more interesting than they ever did in Jersey, and Nilsa — along with her other co-stars — are already giving the likes of Snookie and Pauly D a run for their money.

According to her official cast bio, Nilsa's a 23-year-old Panama City native who's already been married and divorced. Within a few episodes of the show, she also got herself into a "love square" with three other castmates, which can only mean major drama. With that kind of attention, it's very likely that whatever she was doing before the show will be on hold for a minute while she enjoys her newfound fame.

Before being cast on the show, Nilsa entered the Maxim's Finest contest and is allegedly "good at makeup," according to Us Weekly. According to Maxim, Nilsa, "drinks and flirts over her emotional pain like it’s an Olympic sport. She feels like marriage made her miss out on life and now she’s single and ready "to show my boobs." So she's definitely ready to have a little fun.

From a little social media sleuthing, it looks like before being cast on the show, Nilsa worked as a makeup artist. However, it's hard to tell if she's still practicing or not now that the show's premiered. On her Instagram page, she has tons of reposted cast images from MTV as well as selfies, where her contouring and cat-eye skills are front and center.

She also writes on her About Me page on Facebook that she's dappled in photography as well, stating:

Photography has always been my passion! I'm simply making my dreams a reality! Maternity, baby announcements, gender reveals, couples sessions, save the dates, boudoir, kids, pets, senior portraits, family sessions...

So if you're in the Florida area, don't hesitate to try to to hit her up for a portrait session. Though she might be busy. According to Instagram, Nilsa and fellow castmate Aimee Hall have become BFFs. Nilsa captioned a recent selfie of the two of them, "My favorite thing after a long night of drinking is calling this girl to tell her all of the drunkin’ shenanigans I got myself into."

And really, Nilsa deserves a chance to part since she's definitely had an emotional past few years. She revealed in the premiere that she was married to a Marine when she was 20 years old. "We were so in love, and he was so good — literally, I thought he was going to be the guy for me forever," she said. "He was amazing and my parents loved him."

Then, she reportedly had a miscarriage that affected their relationship right before he deployed. According to Nilsa, when he got back, her ex allegedly cheated on her. Everyone deals with heartache a little different, but it looks like Nilsa has moved onto the next chapter of her life just fine. It looks like she's definitely going places with Floribama Shore.

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