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What Does Rachel Think Of Lucas On 'The Bachelorette'? She Totally Supports Whaboom


Even though he might not have seemed like Rachel’s dream guy right off the bat, the fact of the matter is that Lucas had her laughing and smiling every time she talked to him on the Season 13 Bachelorette premiere. There's still no getting around the fact that he’s a lot to take in though, so what does Rachel think of Lucas on The Bachelorette? She seems to support his "whaboom" movement and has even attempted the exclamation herself in a much more subdued way, mind you.

But according to Twitter, she’d like to stop trying to explain what whaboom is. Instead, she tweeted, "ask Lucas." In an interview with Yahoo! TV, though, Rachel went a little deeper into her reasons for keeping Lucas around despite his inability to literally just sit still. "He was entertaining," Rachel explained of the contestant who showed up with so much energy and "whaboom" written across his sleeveless T-shirt. "As weird as it may have been, he was intriguing to me. And I was curious to find out more about Lucas — not the whaboom — I wanted to find out more about Lucas." That’s fair enough and honestly, would you expect anything less from the laid back and just genuinely nice Bachelorette?

And although Rachel recognizes that "the other guys were shocked when Lucas got the rose," she doesn’t seem to have any apologies about keeping the whaboom guy around after that first night. Of course, figuring out how far Lucas gets this season on The Bachelorette is probably a whole different thing, but keeping him around was Rachel's call and we should respect it, regardless of our own personal opinions. He made her laugh, kept her entertained, and didn’t get too serious on the first night. It was enough to keep him around, so hey, whatever works, I guess.

Whether or not she keeps him around for the long haul (is he really meant for this Bachelorette world?), Rachel told E! News that even though she still doesn’t totally understand whaboom, she realizes how much a part of Lucas it is. And more than anything, she was interested in getting to know the real him after that first cocktail hour.

Since Rachel has said in multiple interviews that she didn’t keep Lucas around simply because the producers urged her to in order to keep some chaos and craziness among the men, she likely saw him as someone she might enjoy if she got to know him better. And even now, it seems like she can still laugh about whaboom, so if that’s the case, then she probably had fun with him while he was on the show this season. Though I think it’s safe to say that he probably won't be making it to the end of the season.