What Does Sex Feel Like in Early Pregnancy?

Your body changes faster than Superman in a phone booth when you're newly pregnant. (Yay, hormones.) One minute, you're minding your business, eating your crackers, and the next, your boobs are exploding at the seams. What about sex, though? What does sex feel like in early pregnancy?

When I was freshly with child, honestly, the last thing I thought about was sex, and that's OK, too. If you're not into it, there are tons of other ways to connect with your partner that aren't sexual. I know a lot of moms who had severe morning sickness, like I did, who just couldn't possibly have sex without getting very sick. But if you can have sex, and want to have sex, and your OB-GYN says it's OK? There is no reason not to have sex, according to the Mayo Clinic, even during the earliest weeks of pregnancy.

But things will be different — the drastic changes in your body might significantly alter the way sex feels and your level of desire. You may find that your hormones have driven you into a sexual frenzy, or you may find that you want more soft touches and quiet words. However you feel, even if you feel the same, sex probably won't. So what does sex feel like in early pregnancy?

First of all, the biggest thing — literally, as they're most likely swollen — is that your breasts may be tender and swollen, and you might not like them played with in the same way you did before, if at all, according to the American Pregnancy Association. You might also find that your nipples are particularly sensitive. This is related to the hormonal changes your body is enduring, and as breasts are particularly tied to hormones, they are affected in a big way.

The hormones that cause your breasts to be extra sensitive also cause your vagina to be less sensitive, according to Parents; the walls of your vagina thicken and desensitize with the hormonal surges. But on the flip side, your vulva and clitoris might become more sensitive thanks to the increased blood flow to the area, noted Our Bodies, Ourselves, so take it easy in the beginning until you know how you'll react. Not to mention the fact that those same hormones change the quantity and texture of your vaginal discharge, making things a bit more slippery than before.

Sensitivity might not be the only reason for discomfort during pregnancy sex. You may also feel cramps similar to menstrual cramps after sex, and you're more likely to tear and spot during and after sex. The March of Dimes noted, however, that this is perfectly normal. If the cramping or spotting persists, you should contact your provider.

Your first trimester is a crazy whirlwind of physical ups and downs and emotions that toss and turn like Simone Biles on the gymnastics floor, but it's temporary. If you're feeling up to it and your doctor gives the OK, you can definitely find out for yourself how sex feels in early pregnancy.