What Does Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish Says About You?

It may not be considered a day for reflection as much as it is about being grateful, but you can learn a lot about yourself on Thanksgiving. You discover the exact number of times you can stomach everyone asking what you’re planning on doing with your degree before you snap (four), and how many beers it takes for your Uncle Burt’s stories to actually be enjoyable. (At least a six pack.) But it’s more than just dealing with family and realizing you’re never too old for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. You can learn what your favorite Thanksgiving dish says about you and what’s in your future (aside from a long, post-dinner nap.)

Look, I’m not saying food is always the answer, but a delicious dish always seems to have an answer. Certain moods go with certain foods, and there are situations that just call for an exact dish. Break-ups need ice cream, girls’ night needs wine, and a home alone with Netflix calls for carbs. They say we are what we eat and you know what? I have to agree to an extent. Your favorite Thanksgiving dish says more about you than any personality test or therapist could, which is excellent, because I don’t think you get to eat in those sessions.


If You Only Want Turkey

You love being the star of the show and command a room with your energy (and quite possibly your great legs.) But despite being able to stand on your own, you work best with companions and really shine in a group setting. And just like turkey makes great leftovers, you’re the one keeping everyone happy the next day as they battle those hangovers.


If You Swoon Over Sweet Potato Soufflé

You’re a person that wants what they want, and will stop at nothing to get it. Even if that something is an adult telling you to marshmallows aren’t meant for dinner. You don’t let anyone stand in the way of your decisions, and your determination and convictions are something to admire.


If You Crave Gravy

You are a person that appreciates the little things in life. No one else cares about the gravy unless their turkey is a bit dry, so when you put that perfect Thanksgiving side on your list of favorites, it proves that you take everyone and everything into consideration before making a decision. You probably root for the underdogs in sporting events, too.


If You're Obsessed With Cranberry Sauce

You a spitfire who bring extra ‘oomph’ to the party, which may not be appreciated by everyone in the room. But just remember that if someone isn’t fond of you, it’s because they either haven’t given you the time of day, or you’re just not their style. And that’s OK, because those close to you really love you.


If You Go Gaga For Green Bean Casserole

Your find the greatest joy in making family and friends happy. You love making memories, whether it be through old traditions or one-off events.


If Your Favorite Something Is Stuffing

You come across as being high maintenance, but once people get to know you, they realize just how awesome you are. You aren’t afraid to roll with the punches, and the people around you appreciate that.


If You Prefer Pumpkin Pie

You unapologetically love what you love, regardless of how many people call you #basic. You totally own it and don’t give a damn what anyone says.


If Mac And Cheese Is All You Need

You’re still a bit of a kid at heart, and who can blame you? You like to keep things simple and full of fun, which comes in handy when times are tough.


If You Secretly Admire Squash

You’re either a total health freak, or one of those who pretends to be a health freak and assume that squash is still the best choice even if it’s loaded with butter and brown sugar. (So basically, me.)


If Your Heart Belongs to Mashed Potatoes

You are the ultimate comforter. People come to you when they need someone to reassure them that everything is going to be OK and make them feel better about any situation. You’re most likely pretty versatile as well, and can fit into any situation or setting.


If All You Need Is Wine

You’re the cousin everyone runs to at Thanksgiving because Grandma is telling everyone how much weight they need to lose. Say something inappropriate and remind everyone that no, you don’t have a boyfriend, but you won trivia at the bar last night thanks to a question about an episode of Friends so who’s the under-achiever now? Drink up, girl. It’s going to be a long night.

Images: Courtesy of  JeffreyW/Flickr; Giphy (11)