What Happened To Osha On ‘Game Of Thrones’? She Was Gone For Several Seasons

It's been a few seasons since we've seen Osha and Rickon Stark on Game of Thrones, so it should only make sense that they both return together when everything is going down. But since they've been MIA, what happened to Osha and where were they? The last time we saw them, Bran was instructing Rickon to go with her to seek safety from the Umbers, who were known to have an allegiance with the Starks. Unfortunately, we all know how that trip ended, since the Umbers showed up in Winterfell to use both Rickon and Osha as pawns with Ramsay Bolton.

But during the time that they were gone (during which both Rickon and Bran grew up considerably), what happened to Osha and Rickon? Assuming they did make their way to the Umbers of the North, it' clear that they weren't as safe as Bran had assumed they'd be. The fact that they were alive when they reached Winterfell again though proves that they were at the very least taken care of.

So now the question is what happened to Osha while she was away? Chances are, since the Umbers held an allegiance to the Starks, that it transferred to whoever became the rulers of Winterfell after. Which would make the Umbers loyal to the Boltons by default. And returning Osha and Rickon would show just that, right?

There is, though, the possibility that while Rickon and Osha were hiding out with the Umbers, they were hatching something with them. Since, like we've already established, they have loyalties to the Starks, that gives reason to suggest that their relationship led the Umbers to want to protect Rickon, one of the last surviving Stark males. And the whole using Osha-and-Rickon thing is just one big plan. Then again, that would be extremely wishful thinking and mean that something would be going well for a character in Game of Thrones and we know that doesn't happen much. Case and point? Ramsay stabbing Osha in the throat right before she ever gets the chance to get her fingers around the knife at his side.

Though I was seriously hoping that Osha had big things in store for her this season — especially because I was rooting for her and Rickon to usurp Ramsay's bastard little tendencies — there's no denying that Osha's safer dead than she ever was alive in Ramsay's care. Her death ultimately leaves Rickson's existence hanging in an even more delicate balance, but here's hoping that whatever plan Rickon and the Umbers have worked out (if there even is a plan), they get a jump on things soon. Or at the very least, Jon and Sansa figure out a way to get to Winterfell ASAP.