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What Happens At Dragonstone On 'Game Of Thrones'? Daenerys Returns Home


Game of Thrones just released descriptions for the first three episodes of Season 7, which is just under half a season's worth of intel for the shortened, seven-episode installment this time around. The Season 7 premiere is titled "Dragonstone" and, according to the synopsis, "Jon organizes the defense of the North. Cersei tries to even the odds. Daenerys comes home." That last part is what's most significant to the episode title, but what happens at Dragonstone on Game of Thrones? It's actually a familiar location for fans of the show.

Dragonstone is an island off the coast of Westeros at the entrance of Blackwater Bay with a castle of the same name sitting atop it, which has historically been the seat of House Targaryen and the westernmost Valyrian stronghold. Following Robert's Rebellion, he gave it to his brother Stannis Baratheon, creating House Baratheon of Dragonstone. In earlier seasons of the show, we've seen Stannis plotting out battle strategies at Dragonstone, but fans haven't seen the castle since Stannis' death and don't know who now inhabits it. What viewers do know is that Daenerys returns to the castle, her birthplace, in the first episode of Season 7. It's the first fans see of Daenerys in Westeros in seven long seasons, and she's quite literally within spitting distance of King's Landing for the first time.

For the entirety of the TV series, Daenerys has been journeying across Essos in an effort to get back to King's Landing and take over the Iron Throne as its rightful heir — the eldest living child of Mad King Aerys, who was overthrown by Robert Baratheon. (Of course, popular fan theory posits that Tyrion is actually Aerys' bastard son with Joanna Lannister, which would make him Aerys' eldest child. But let's set that aside for a second, since he doesn't seem to have any interest in taking the Iron Throne.)

In Season 6, Daenerys, her armies, and her dragons joined forces with Yara Greyjoy and her fleet of ships to form a badass matriarchal takeover of Westeros. It's the first time Dany has had both the power to overthrow the Lannisters and the resources to actually get that power across the Narrow Sea to Cersei's doorstep. With Daenerys back in the ancestral seat of House Targaryen, she's the closest she's ever been to ruling the Seven Kingdoms and you better believe she's not about to let this opportunity pass her by. Watch your back, Cersei.

You can tune in to see how Dany fares when Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres July 16 on HBO.