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Here's What Happens To Your Baby When You're Having Pregnancy Sex

Being pregnant means being worried about everything and how it relates to your baby. Will eating hot wings make your baby upset? Will drinking a soda send your baby into a tailspin? And what happens to the baby during pregnancy sex?

That last one is especially worrisome for moms and their partners. I mean, sex while pregnant isn't exactly a walk in the park, and there is a baby in the womb. Whether you're being penetrated by your partner or a toy, something has to happen to your innocent little baby all wrapped up in amniotic fluid, right?

Well, sure. But not in the way you think. No matter how big your partner's penis is or the toy you're using, you're not going to poke your baby in the head. It's just not possible. According to Baby Center, the penis or toy doesn't go past the vagina, making it impossible for it to reach your baby. There is a mucus plug, the cervix, the uterus, and the amniotic sac protecting your baby — seriously, nothing is going to get through that.

But will your baby know what's going on? Of course not. Your baby has no idea what sex is, nor will they be scarred for life. But there is one thing that happens to them while you're getting busy — they get jostled to sleep.

I know, I know. You don't want to think about your baby moving as your body rocks during sex, but of course that's bound to happen. I mean, your baby is inside of you. But seriously, don't worry. It's not like your baby is on Space Mountain. According to Fit Pregnancy, it feels like a gentle massage to them. What to Expect noted that a baby might even enjoy the sensation of uterine contractions after you orgasm and give some kicks when you're finished.

If all of that seems really weird to you, I get it. But I promise, it's just a mental block. Your baby is going to be totally fine. According to The Huffington Post, the sensation is no different than if you were running up a flight of stairs or engaging in some exercise while pregnant. Sex is just a whole lot more fun.