What Happens To Your Breasts During Pregnancy Sex?

As if pregnancy didn't highlight your body enough, here comes pregnancy sex to really drive home just how much your body is changing. (And not always in a bad way.) Your breasts undergo some huge (pun most definitely intended) transitions during pregnancy, but what happens to your breasts during pregnancy sex? Do they just become total porn star boobs and make sex better than ever? Or are you ready to tuck them into a bra and never let your partner touch them again?

Although a lot of pregnancy is full of gray areas, when it comes to your breasts, there are a few things you can expect. Like, they are totally going to grow. To prepare your breasts to produce milk, What to Expect noted that the hormones estrogen and progesterone will add fatty tissue to your boobs and increase their blood flow. Sound too general? March of Dimes suggested that by the end of her pregnancy, an average woman will have gained two pounds in her boobs alone.

I know, you can hardly wait to see the boulders on your chest. But pregnancy sex can make those new changes less fun than you think. According to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, your breasts are also going to be incredibly tender, especially during those first few weeks, and you may not enjoy them during sex like you used to. They can be painful to touch and too sore to have sex without a bra on for some support.

And let's not forget why your breasts are changing so much — they're gearing up to produce breast milk. So you can fully expect your breasts to leak during pregnancy sex. You've probably experienced some kind of leakage already, but Parents noted that it can happen any time your breasts are stimulated, like with a massage or during sex. Baby Center noted that oxytocin, the hormone released during an orgasm, is also responsible for the let-down of your breast milk, which explains why your breasts become geysers once you're getting aroused.

So what happens to your breasts during pregnancy sex? They get shoved into a bra. Kidding — kind of. If you can handle the tenderness, new size, and leaking while you're getting it on, enjoy, mama. According to Fit Pregnancy, your breasts also become more sensitive during pregnancy and you may be able to orgasm more easily and enjoy your partner stimulating them during sex.

Or they may become a strictly "look, but don't touch" area of your body. That's your call.