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Becca Has An Impressive Job Outside Of 'The Bachelor'

I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a Bachelor premiere full of cringe-worthy introductions and all around awkwardness. But since so many contestants wanted to get some face time in with Arie Luyendyk Jr., it was hard for viewers to get to know each candidate very well. Take Becca Kufrin, for example, who already got him to get down on one knee. So who is this person and what is Becca’s job outside of The Bachelor? The contestant is serious about her career, even if she seems more lighthearted when it comes to making an impression with Arie.

Her Bachelor cast bio reveals that Becca is a publicist, but since the bios tend to be more about the contestants’ personal interests, that’s about as far as it goes. However, Becca’s LinkedIn profile details a lot more about her career and where her job has taken her over the years. Right now, and since 2012, she’s worked as an Account Executive for Skyya Communications in Minneapolis, Minnesota. According to the company’s website, it also has a location in New York City and the company describes itself as "An award-winning, full-service PR and strategic marketing communications agency with unparalleled experience serving the communications needs of emerging and well-established technology companies around the globe."

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already impressed with Becca, having only known her on The Bachelor for her apparent humor and what seems like a good-natured attitude.

On Becca’s LinkedIn profile, she describes her own job with the company as one that seems plenty important: "I build and maintain standing relationships with consumer, lifestyle, business, travel, broadcast and niche press, and have secured media placement on behalf of my clients in a number of top-tier outlets." Among the media outlets Becca lists are USA Today, Fox News, The New York Times, and Wall Street Journal.

But Becca seems like she does a lot more than make important phone calls and arrange impressive meetings with clients. Skyya’s Instagram shows her engaging with clients in a very real way that goes beyond the strictly business side of things and kind of makes you love The Bachelor contestant.

Becca is also hands on when it comes to trade shows and events, where she regularly engages with both clients and the press on behalf of Skyya, so she pretty much does it all. Unfortunately, she hasn’t really been able to talk about her personal life as much as she might want to on The Bachelor, since the Bachelor in question was more in demand than ever during last Monday night's premiere. Something tells me, though, that once Arie does get to know more about Becca, he’ll definitely be able to appreciate her drive and ambition as well as her sense of humor.

The fact that Becca’s been working with the same company since graduating from Minnesota State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications shows how serious she clearly is about her career, even if she also knows how to be laid back when she’s not working. However, since she’s been with the same company in Minneapolis for the past several years, it begs the question of how the move would go if Arie proposes to Becca at the end of the season.

On the one hand, she could probably find a similar publicist position in Arizona, but at the same time, Arie could likely work in real estate in Minnesota, if need be. I guess Becca’s job just makes it that much more possible for her to be the one Arie chooses in the end, and as a fan of Becca already, I am very much already ‘shipping them.

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