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Good Luck Finding Beyoncé's (Secret) Snapchat

Ring the Alarm! After a brief social media hiatus and at the heels of the soul-crushing news that the queen won't be performing at Coachella this year after all, Beyoncé returned to Instagram on Thursday with her signature combo of godliness and mystery. Fans are intrigued and desperate to find out what Beyoncé's Snapchat name is after the superstar posted an Instagram photo of herself and her daughter, Blue Ivy, rockin' the app's signature baby deer filter at a recent NBA game.

Bey, husband Jay Z, and 5-year-old Blue set up their royal outpost courtside at the NBA All-Star game in New Orleans Sunday night. There, Blue and her mom shared some cotton candy — and (maybe? probably??) sent a Snap or two. The ensuing Instagram photo (which the "Formation" singer captioned simply "💕") suggests that she may have a secret account that the Beyhive has yet to uncover.

Notoriously private and generally reserved on social media, Bey's never publicized a Snapchat name. But she's also the master of keeping secrets and posing for stunning photoshoots (case in point: her ethereal Insta announcement where she revealed she's pregnant with twins), so, honestly, how could she not?

But even the most influential entertainer of a generation wants to keep a low profile sometimes. Which means that we probably won't find out Bey's Snapchat name — if it even exists — until she wants us to.

Being who she is, of course, would entitle Bey to the OG Snap name of Beyoncé, if she wanted it — just as she claimed it on Instagram. Clearly, though she's opted to go a bit (or all the way) underground with Snapchat and has assumed a secret identity — if she wasn't simply borrowing from either her husband's or daughter's possible secret accounts? Is the Illuminati on Snapchat? Because if it were, of course, Bey would definitely control the account.

Actually, this isn't the first time an Instagram post has stirred up rumors about Beyoncé's possible secret Snapchat. In August, the singer's mom, Tina Lawson, posted a face-swap video to the site. "My Baby Beyonce sent me this. It's really cool!" she captioned the brief vid, which featured a Bey/Lawson hybrid singing a couple lines of "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash. "Her voice coming out of my mouth. Or maybe it's her mouth ! Hell I don't know. Really weird."

And then, perplexingly, this: "No Snapchat!! Seriously !!"

Beyoncé anthropologists of the world, unite. Because we've got a serious mystery on our hands.