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Corinne's Net Worth Is Impressive, 'Bachelor' Fans

The Bachelor's producers racked up quite the impressive pool of young entrepreneurs to keep up with Nick Viall on Season 21 of The Bachelor. Among them is a very young woman named Corinne who runs her parents' multi-million dollar business. So some curious fans may be wondering: what is Corinne's net worth? Well, let's just say that it looks like all the assets are still in her family's name.

The Net Worth reports that she has around $250,000 to her name, which would mean that while she may run her family's multi-million dollar business, she has yet to own a piece of the pie. Her bio package on the season premiere of The Bachelor made it seem like running her parents' empire in Miami was her whole life, but Corinne actually has her hands in a few different pots...and most of those pots seem to be "modeling." According to her LinkedIn profile, she identifies herself as a "model/actress" who is represented by the talent agency DDO Artists Agency.

Corinne also has two modeling profiles on ExploreTalent and Model Mayhem, in which she gushes effusively about her modeling dreams. She did seem to have some success in the entertainment industry, with appearances in Pitbull and Akon music videos as well as a men's underwear campaign? (Yeah, I'm confused too.) It's possible that modeling was a passing phase and her parents managed to bring Corinne back down to earth with the lure of running their company. Either that, or she really does spend most of her time trying to get into modeling and is just using the entrepreneur title to stand out.

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On her Bachelor bio for ABC, Corinne writes, "I own an online business. It's very important to me, but the cool thing is it's online, so I can run it from anywhere," which doesn't reveal much about what it is she's doing in that little corner office we see her working in during the season premiere. It does look like she has a personal assistant, though (unless that's her mom), and she definitely still has a nanny named Raquel. To be clear, when I said she was "very young," I meant that she was 24. But apparently she's super attached to her favorite snack chef (favorite snack: cut up cucumbers) and just can't let her childhood nanny go. Corinne claims that Raquel is a part of her package and would come to live with her, wherever she may go. Hopefully, Nick gets the memo that he needs to be compatible with both women.