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Jessica Simpson Might Have Found The Perfect Remedy For Her Swollen Ankles

Jessica Simpson is currently pregnant for her third child, this we all know for sure. As someone who has already given birth two times in the past, she is presumably feeling pretty well prepared about what to expect now that she's expecting. However, even the most competent and experienced of moms can find themselves utterly stumped when something new crops up. Which, by the way, it almost always does since no two pregnancies are alike. So when Simpson struggled with swollen ankles, she tried cupping. What is cupping, you ask? Well in Simpson's case it actually might be have been the exact cure she was looking for.

The Blonde Ambition star is married to football player Eric Johnson and is already mom to two adorable kids, 6-year-old daughter Maxwell and 4-year-old son Ace. She is expecting a baby girl within the next few months, and on Jan. 10 she admitted she was having some serious trouble with her pregnancy. Or more specifically, some intense swelling in her ankles that was clearly considerably more swelling than she was expecting. It got so bad, in fact, that she shared a picture of her swollen ankle with her 4.4 million Instagram followers with the caption, "Any remedies?! Help!!!!"

Helpful fans immediately leaped into action with suggestions:

Have you tried compression socks? When I was pregnant with my twins they helped tremendously. Weird note, I only had swelling in my right foot. Hang in there momma.
Probiotics helps swelling!
elevation and rest limit salt. Not sure of health issues so seeing a dr is always a plus if there is rrisk of heart disease

After many suggestions, Simpson appeared to decide on one in particular; cupping therapy. An ancient alternative medicine where a therapist places special cups on your skin to create suction with the ultimate goal being to reduce swelling, of course. The cups are made of either glass or earthenware, bamboo or silicone. This therapy has been around for thousands of years and used in several ancient cultures. And now Jessica Simpson is trying it on for size. On Friday, she shared a picture of the process on Instagram.

I won't lie to you; I find this whole cupping thing sort of mesmerizing. And apparently, cupping turned out to be seriously effective in this case. On Friday evening Simpson shared a picture of her foot with the swelling significantly decreased.

Sure, cupping might not work for every pregnant woman with swollen ankles. And it's important to note that severe swelling can be a sign of preeclampsia, a pregnancy complication caused by high blood pressure that could require a doctor's attention. So don't ignore swollen ankles, obviously. But if cupping might help you... I mean, why not? As long as you seek out a trained professional, there shouldn't be too many side effects. It's a natural remedy.

And at the end of the day if it's good enough for Jessica Simpson, isn't it good enough for the rest of us as well?