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I Needed More Details On Eric From 'Love Island' So I Found Them

Eric on Love Island is a relatively new islander, having joined the cast on Week 3. That means he didn't have a choice but to come in with a rather aggressive approach because most everyone was coupled up. That was no problem for him. But I need to know what Eric from Love Island's Instagram is because I don't trust him.

Eric was interested in Kyra as soon as he got to the villa and the feeling was mutual. She chose Eric over Cashel in a re-coupling ceremony and it resulted in Cash being dumped from the island at the end of the week. As soon as Cash left, Kyra doubted her decision and created distance between herself and Eric.

Love Island contestants need to be open to making new connections, that's how you play the game. But at the beginning of the week when Emily arrived, Eric started using the same romantic language with her and being just as aggressive as he'd been with Kyra. Other ladies on the show have expressed concerns about Eric's vibes. He even admitted when he came on the island that his friends call him a player. TV Guide and I both heard it.

I want the best for both Emily and Kyra, so I'm skeptical of Eric. You can learn a lot about a person from their social media presence. So I found Eric's Instagram account and went on a mission to find out who he really is. See below for some of the pieces in the puzzle of Eric.

He's A Selfie Guy

There is no shame in a selfie, especially a car selfie. According to his caption, Eric was practicing for a staring contest. But I wish he would just confess his love for them because there are plenty more where this came from.

He Knows Puppy Love

I'm not sure whose dog this is, but they are cute and they have their own Instagram account. He keeps good company on and off Fiji, I just hope he gives Stackz the attention every dog deserves.

He's A Model

Just a quick scan of his Instagram account and it's easy to figure out he's a model when he's not managing the tattoo shop. He shares so much of his work on his account and I'm really not mad about it. He also loves a vintage vibe.

He's Family-Oriented

I can't confirm that it's Eric's mom in the photo above, but the caption is, "Everything we're not made us everything we are." So, I'm guessing the woman is a relative. It's so important to make memories with family and it's cool Eric shares them with the world.

He Can Relax

All work and no play is unhealthy. But there's plenty of evidence on his Instagram that when Eric isn't working he likes to relax — usually near a boat.

What do all of these posts tell me about Eric's intentions on Love Island? Not as much as I thought they would, which is probably a good thing. I'm just hoping everything works out for the best in the Kyra/Eric/Emily situation.