Craig Sjodin/ABC

Eric From 'The Bachelorette' Is A Business Owner

You don’t have a season of The Bachelorette without a few models or personal trainers thrown in there, so it’s not really surprising that Eric fits a similar description. But he does a lot more than work in fitness, so what is The Bachelorette contestant Eric’s job? He actually owns his own business, EBiggsWay Training.

As a personal trainer, Eric is all about motivation and changing lives — and judging by all of the inspirational quotes on his Instagram, it’s what his clients have come to know him for. The Facebook page for EBiggsWay Training has videos announcing park bootcamp workouts, which actually seem like a lot of fun. But more than that, the Hampton University graduate is also a motivational speaker. Not surprisingly, there are also some professional fitness photos of the trainer, so chances are, he’s not shy about showing off the body he works hard to maintain. But it’s definitely clear that Eric isn’t the typical personal trainer who went on The Bachelorette in order to further a modeling career.

According to Eric’s LinkedIn profile, he’s owned and run EBiggsWay Fitness since 2013, but before that he was a manager at Abercrombie & Fitch, so he’s definitely come a long way from retail, though it may have helped him learn business firsthand to be able to run his own establishment. It also makes total sense why he studied entrepreneurship at Hampton University, where he earned his bachelor's degree in 2010.

I’ll agree that sometimes, when you have a group full of models and personal trainers, it’s hard to weed out the genuine guys and push aside the ones who are there because they really want to know Rachel, but it seems like Eric could very well be in the latter group. It’s unclear where he does his motivational speaking or if it’s just something he does on social media to reach out to his followers, but either way, Eric does have a lot to say and his short videos on Instagram add another layer to The Bachelorette contestant.

Eric’s job listed under his name on The Bachelorette might officially be personal trainer, but he clearly has a lot going on. Being on a show in Bachelor Nation often leads to more opportunities for contestants, but even if that doesn’t end up happening for Eric, he seems like he knows exactly what he’s doing with his career ambitions.