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'The Bachelorette's Garrett Is A Real Pro

Hannah's finally getting down to business on The Bachelorette, which means the frontrunners are doing the work to show up. One of the remaining contestants is an Alabama native like "Alabama Hannah." Could he be the one? Does he have what she needs? What is Garrett on The Bachelorette's job? The details matter, my friends.

According to his official ABC bio, Garrett is a pro-golfer at Shoal Creek Golf and Country Club. Judging by his Instagram page, he spends a lot of time practicing his swing on those Southern courses. Garrett is from Birmingham, which is only about an hour from Tuscaloosa — Hannah's hometown. The 27-year-old studied professional gold management and also played football at Mississippi State University, according to his Facebook page. The first golf post on his Instagram page, from Feb. '17, is a video of Garrett playing the PGA National golf course in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The caption reads: "Missed cut this week... But still got a chance to play this beaut! What a great experience this week has been, but ready to get home!" The next video isn't until Apr. of the same year, and shows Garrett hitting his golf ball out of muddied waters with the caption, "Golf gone wrong." It looks like he knows what he's doing so don't try that at home, kids.

When he's not working, eating, and sleeping golf, Garrett is an avid churchgoer who enjoys hanging out with his buds. He's not even the one who signed him up for the show — it was his sister-in-law. Apparently she saw one too many similarities between Garrett and Hannah, so she nudged them together by way of national television. Smart. Those years as quarterback playing college football also made this one a little bit of a rebel. The same ABC bio states he once snuck a girlfriend onto the 50-yard line to make out under the fluorescent lights. I wonder if he's done the same on a golf course.

So far this season, Hannah's already had her share of mishaps and drama between the gents. Luckily, Garrett stays mostly out of it all — his chill demeanor being one of a few reasons he's still around. Not only is he a Southern gentleman with a lot in common with Hannah, he wasn't the worst ax thrower during The Highland Games in Scotland (he wasn't the best either, but you can't have it all).

With all the drama Luke P. is stirring up, I'm surprised Hannah has time to notice anyone else — especially Garrett. He's among the quieter contestants, not making too much of a fuss, getting along with everyone, and generally being a cool dude, which could also work against him if he doesn't step it up sooner than later. Perhaps he could take Hannah to Savannah, Georgia — he thinks it's the most romantic city in the world — or on some 50-yard line to hang. There could even be a hands-on golf lesson in their near future, but only time will tell if he can stick out the next few episodes to make it to hometowns (which would be convenient since it's so close to Hannah's hometown).

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If you're a golf fan, you'd better study up on all things Garrett — like how to putt a ball from a lake. Hannah may not pick him in the end, but at least you'll know the difference between a birdie and a... whatever else happens on the golf course.