Jamie On 'Married At First Sight' Seems Awfully Judgy. Just Sayin'

Jamie and Beth recently got into a fight that made me wonder — what is Jamie's job on Married At First Sight? I'm not here to job shame anyone, but he was really digging into his wife for working at her dad's company. That's not cool at all, and I just want to know if his job provides any clues as to why he's so bothered by Beth's.

Jamie is a financial technician, according to his bio on Lifetime's official website. That's a very general term, so I dug a little bit more and discovered that Jamie works at Bank of America, actually, according to his LinkedIn profile. He leads a team of developers to "Maintain and support an existing, legacy internal web application," according to the description in his profile. So, he makes sure the company's apps are running smoothly and using the most updated software solutions available. Before working at the bank, he was a web or application developer at various companies. That's awesome, but of course it provides me no clues as to why he is so bothered by Beth's job.

It's probably hard for anyone outside of Jamie and Elizabeth's relationship to understand why they fight like they do. I was rooting for them in the beginning of Married At First Sight Season 9. But I think it's safe to say they are becoming pretty toxic for each other and neither of them seem very happy.

To be fair, when they are good they are really good and even throw around the word "love." But as the clip above proves, they can go from reminiscing about their wedding together to announcing the end of their marriage real quick. In the scenes above, Jamie gets mad at Beth for focusing too much on materialistic aspects of their wedding photos. Instead of confronting her and having a conversation right away, he lets his frustration build and the issue completely blows up. He calls her names he shouldn't call anyone, let alone his wife, and leaves her on their one-month anniversary.

"As a girl, I'm not allowed to say I look beautiful on my wedding day?" Beth asked the camera through tears in a video diary the morning after Jamie left. "I just don't feel good about myself. Like, I don't think that I'm good enough for anyone, and I just feel like I'm the problem with everything and this is why people don't want to be with me. Am I too much?"

It's hard to watch another woman express those feelings after doing very little to provoke the comments Jamie made. Elizabeth, you did look beautiful on your wedding day, girl. Scream it to the world as you sign the divorce papers if that's what you choose to do. (I think you see who's side I'm on here.)

Especially after watching the fallout of Jamie and Beth's anniversary celebration, I wanted to know if Beth was happy after Married At First Sight wrapped filming, but her Instagram is private.

No matter what Jamie's job is, he has no right to speak to his wife the way he does sometimes. It takes two people to fight, but Jamie and Elizabeth don't pick their battles well. I just hope they come out of the marriage with their emotional health in tact.

Married At First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on Lifetime.