Sonja Flemming/CBS

JC Mounduix’s Job Outside Of 'Big Brother' Takes Him All Over The World

by Chrissy Bobic

Although JC Mounduix doesn't talk about his job outside of Big Brother all that much, he’s so entertaining on screen that it should come as no surprise he’s in the entertainment industry. It probably makes you wonder, what is JC Mounduix’s job outside of Big Brother exactly? His Big Brother bio lists his job as professional dancer, but apparently, he does a lot more than dance for a living.

According to JC’s own personal website, he’s also known for modeling. He does have a profile on Model Mayhem, which is common for those who are starting out in the industry. The last activity on JC’s Model Mayhem profile was March 2018, which was just a few months before he entered the Big Brother house. He wrote in his 'about me' section that he’s "very active in the fitness world." He also said that he’s worked on different art projects, in fashion, and with photography festivals in the past. "Because of me being so uncommon, photographers and directors love working with me," he wrote. "So I'd like to keep giving it a try and see where I fit! I have a very outgoing personality and I have been told I'm great to work with."

Besides modeling and dancing, there’s another major aspect of JC’s career in the entertainment industry. He told Entertainment Tonight in a pre-show interview that he also works in event production. He said that his job takes him all over the world, and that he planned to use the same kind of energy as a party promoter inside the Big Brother house. And because his job has taken him to different countries, JC said that he’s been given the chance to learn about a lot of different cultures and that those experiences alone should bode well for him this season.

"The fact that I work in [the entertainment industry] has given me the experience to go and live in different countries for a period of time," he revealed ahead of the season premiere. "And with 20, 25 people from different countries and different languages. So I’ve seen so many things and I've experienced so many things… [the other houseguests] don't need to know that I come from a background where every single summer, that’s what I’ve been doing. So I think that’s something to my advantage."

Basically, this summer in the Big Brother house has been like another summer working abroad for JC, so it’s no wonder that he's been able to work with multiple alliances and different people with ease.

When he talked to with Ross Mathews before the Big Brother season began, JC elaborated more on his job and what he does when he travels out of the country every summer. He told Mathews that as both a dancer and someone involved in event production, he arranges entertainment for events and large scale parties around the world. He also told Mathews that his strategy going into Big Brother was to use his social skills to build a good social game. As an event coordinator and planner, you have to be a people person, so perhaps JC has his career to thank for the ability to click with so many different people all at once this season.

Somehow, as a floater with no secure ties to any alliance, JC has managed to get on the good side of almost every houseguest this season. Being so outgoing definitely goes hand in hand with his career of choice and so far, his Big Brother strategy has taken him pretty far.