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All The Ways Duchess Kate Middleton Is A *Total* Capricorn

Her official title is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, but to the millions who have loved following her romantic royal courtship with Prince William, their wedding, and their family life, she will always be Duchess Kate. If you're also into astrology, you know that this royal-by-marriage was born on January 9, 1982, as confirmed by the official Royal Family website. This puts Kate Middleton firmly into the earth sign of Capricorn.

This sign of the Goat, which applies to people born from December 22 to January 19, doesn't seem to get as much media attention as more flamboyant signs like Leo, Aries, and Scorpio. They're not as quirky as Aquarius, as dreamy as Pisces, or as sensual as Taurus. And that's a pity; the Capricorns of the world are the go-getters we tend to admire most. Their ambition is combined with a maturity and organizational sense that all but guarantees success in just about anything they do. For a woman marrying into the royal family, that's a major plus.

Centuries ago, royal astrologers were employed by the Crown to offer guidance based on the signs shown by the stars and planets. (Queen Elizabeth I famously used one, according to Ancient Origins.) Today, the British royal family isn't as concerned with their horoscopes as their ancestors. If they were, however, they'd see that the Duchess is, in many ways, a typical Capricorn — and they'd realize that this is a major plus for a newly minted royal. Here are some of the reasons why.

Capricorns are all about ambition.

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Let's be realistic: You don't date the heir to the British throne unless you've got a secret yearning to join the royal family and take on all the titles, honors, and perks of the job. Typical of a reach-for-the-stars Cap, the Duchess has done so with the confidence and ease of a woman who knew from the start that she would fit in perfectly with this demanding lifestyle. Let's also not forget that she has an even more impressive title still to be bestowed: When her firstborn, Prince George, becomes king some day, she'll be promoted to Queen Mother!

She's comfortable with tradition.

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Being a royal, whether by birth or through marriage, means following time-honored protocol and some pretty strict rules. (When you dine with the Queen, you can be sure there won't be garlic or shellfish on the menu — and when Her Majesty takes her last bite, you'd better put your fork down, too.) Fortunately, Capricorns both respect and thrive on tradition, and they're careful to demonstrate good manners, said the website. It's no wonder Kate always seems at home at palace events and official trips abroad.

She maintains a classic fashion style.

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Astrologer Susan Miller told Glamour that Capricorns have a distinctive style sense. For one thing, they keep a supply of staple pieces, such as flats, cardigans or an interview dress, just in case. Their closets are also well-stocked with timeless preppy tweeds, polos, and simple gold jewelry. One look at the Duchess's photos, showing her smart-but-simple dresses, tailored coats, simple pumps, and fascinators, and you can see she's got the Capricorn look down pat. Caps are also known to love vintage jewelry, and you can't get more vintage than a 100-year-old tiara!

She has a strong sense of responsibility.

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A "work before play" ethic distinguishes Capricorns from the more frivolous zodiac signs, explained Astrology Answers, and that describes Duchess Kate to a T. Not even ill health can keep her down for long: Even when she was struggling with hyperemesis gravidarum (severe pregnancy nausea) while expecting Prince Louis, Kate kept her cool and charm while hosting a charity reception at Buckingham Palace.

She cherishes her family.

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A Capricorn mom is family-oriented and determined to see that her children lack for nothing, according to Momstrology. Even if she weren't wed to the future King, the Duchess is a devoted mom who would surely still find a way to get her children the best education she could afford and take them on exciting vacations.

She’s also a practical mom.

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Goat-born moms are also known for their no-nonsense approach to parenting. They're the ones who insist that their kids show perfect manners and follow house rules to the letter. Already, Kate is teaching her children what it means to be a royal; young Princess Charlotte is already practicing her curtsy, per the Daily Mail. A Capricorn mother won't overindulge her children, either. Us Weekly reported that the royal children don't own iPads as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prefer them to play with imaginative toys.

She’s trying to make a difference.

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Capricorns work hard, not only for the money and status, but also for the satisfaction of knowing they've done something good for the world. For Kate, that means using her title, wealth, and influence to help others, particularly children. Among the charities closest to her heart, reported Parade, are the Art House, which helps children with emotional issues through art therapy, the East Anglia Children's Hospices, and Place2Be, an organization that provides mental health counseling and other services to children in schools.

She didn’t rush into marriage.

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Slow and steady are the keywords for a relationship involving a Capricorn, and the Cambridges are no exception. True to her Cap nature, Kate dated William for eight years before their 2011 wedding, and they even broke up for a time, reportedly because Kate was unhappy with both the media attention and with William's active social life, said PopSugar. When a Goat falls in love, they want to make sure it's the real thing before committing to marriage.

Seven years and three children later, the royal marriage remains solid. Although the Duke and Duchess aren't as lovey-dovey in public as newlyweds Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, the body language they display shows that they're comfortable, connected, and enjoy each other's company, reported Cosmopolitan. And to help keep their union going strong, the Prince might want to keep in mind that Capricorns prefer frequent small romantic gestures to occasional big splashy ones. Tuck a love note under her teacup, and Kate will be thrilled.