What Is Kia Proctor's Job? Cam Newton's Girlfriend Leads A Busy Life

With the Super Bowl nearly upon us — as well as all those delicious Super Bowl snacks we've come to know and love — it's time to indulge in another favorite pastime: celebrity gossip. Because you've got to do something during the commercial breaks other than eat seven layer dip. Right? The one person we're all wondering about these days? Kia Proctor, longtime girlfriend of red hot Carolina Panthers' Quarterback Cam Newton and mother to 'hope-he-can-live-up-to-his-name' Chosen Newton. Proctor and Newton remain a bit of a mystery to us common folk. How did they meet? How long have they been together? And while we're at it, what is Kia Proctor's job?

Well first things first - turns out Kia Proctor (whose full name is actually Shakia)is already a mom. According to Proctor's Instagram account, she has a daughter from a previous relationship. She's pretty tight-lipped about the age and name of her daughter, which has me wondering if it's something like "Wisest" or "Special One".

Proctor and Newton have been in a relationship since 2013 and are both East Coasters. She lived in both Maryland and Virginia before settling in Atlanta, Georgia, where Newton is originally from. As for work... can't imagine Proctor is doing much these days other than being a new mommy. And choosing a name like Chosen for her little one, I fear an easy, drama-free motherhood might escape her. I mean, rumour on the street is the 1-month-old is already walking.

When she was out in the workforce, Proctor was a part-time model and an exotic dancer for the famous Washington D.C. Stadium Club, where she danced under the name "Hazel." (She also models under that name.) I'm not going to lie to you; I'm sort of dying to know how she came up with the name "Hazel." Is it the eyes? Or does she have a secret love of all things old lace and Victorian?

Pre-Chosen, Proctor was doing more modeling than dancing, as well as indulging in a few fun pastimes of her own. From the looks of her social media accounts, it seems Proctor is a fan of go kart racing and the Man of Steel himself, donning a Superman top in one of her adorable Insta-selfies last month. (Of course, that could have just been a sweet tribute to the talented Mr. Newton himself, because let's face it, he's pretty much a superhero in his own right.)

Kia Proctor may lead a relatively busy life — but for now, she might want to just sit back, relax with baby Chosen and her super cute daughter, and watch her man rock it at the Super Bowl. She deserves it.