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What Is Lucas Doing Now After 'The Bachelorette'? Whaboom Guy Is Living His Best Life


Lucas was already something of an experienced actor going into Season 13 of The Bachelorette, so the big persona he's shown is no real surprise. But what is Lucas doing now after The Bachelorette? The contestant still runs his production company YknotWorld Productions, which puts out commercials and comedy skits, so he's definitely living his best version of whaboom. As in, Lucas' Instagram is full of promotions for whaboom and he's even gone as far as to post a video promoting a whaboom T-shirt giveaway.

On Monday's episode, Blake E.'s claims about Lucas being on the show for the wrong reasons and being solely after exposure and fame are things we've all heard before, but there may have been some truth to them. At least, whatever traction whaboom gained for Lucas is something he's embracing completely. And I can't help but think that was the whole point for him.

TMZ recently caught up with Lucas on the street when a fan of The Bachelorette seemed totally starstruck to meet the Season 13 contestant and Lucas was definitely into it. He even told the camera that if Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel want him on their respective shows, he's totally down for it. So Lucas is definitely doing his thing while trying to entertain Bachelorette fans in real time.

Not surprisingly, before The Bachelorette even premiered, Lucas was appearing in skits on YouTube and getting small roles in commercials, so he's no stranger to grabbing attention. According to his website though, Lucas also works in real estate and not only owns, but also manages properties in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area.

But, more than anything, the whaboom guy from The Bachelorette definitely seems like he's been working hard at keeping whaboom going. It's definitely been one of the biggest lines of the season so far, and even now, whaboom seems to be a big part of Lucas' life.

As recently as 2016, Lucas posted a YouTube video with his acting reel, so I'm not going to go all Blake E. on you and claim that he was never on The Bachelorette for (all together now) the right reasons, but the dude seems to love attention and the show has given him even more exposure.

The 30-year-old contestant's LinkedIn profile has his most recent position listed as, other than real estate developer, actor and director of YKnotWorld Productions, so for those of us who are waiting for his 15 minutes of whaboom fame to end, it might be a little while before it totally fades away.