What Is Paulie's Job Outside 'Big Brother 18'? The Houseguest Is Working On His Fitness

It may say on his Big Brother profile that he's a DJ, but judging by his social media presence, Paulie Calafiore's job has a lot more to do with his fitness and how much he can lift than his ability to mix beats. So what is Paulie Calafiore's job? He's definitely going to be turning heads inside of the house.

The New Jersey native is both a model and a personal trainer as co-owner of Sweat Elite Fitness, a personal training gym where he's actually honed his own training regimen called Calafiore 360 Fitness. So yeah, it's kind of a big deal. On Wednesday night's premiere of Big Brother 18, he was quick to announce that he is a personal trainer and DJ, but as of right now, his music talents seem to be limited to jam sessions with his guitar and maybe the Top 40 tracks that play on a loop at the gym.

On the Big Brother premiere, it was hard to not to notice Paulie's physique, which was obviously earned through rigorous workouts and training sessions. And when you're on that CrossFit grind, it just comes with the territory. Paulie isn't shy about his Twitter and Instagram videos either, readily posting videos before, during, and after training sessions at the gym, and even notices about programs he offers as a trainer.

Paulie hasn't been an active DJ for about five years, but I guess he can still lay claim to the talent, since he worked with Vesey Entertainment for more than six years as a DJ for pretty much any event that warranted one. I.e., birthdays, weddings, and any mitzvah you threw at him.

This season in Big Brother 18, Paulie's job will likely play an important role, in that he'll not only be strong and fit enough to handle some of the more physical challenges, but also be able to use his looks and his body to his advantage. Paulie's side job, or big picture career, may involve breaking into the DJ and entertainment business again, but the guy is all muscles and strength for right now. Which is apparent in his other side gig as a model. Just like his brother, Paulie seems to rock the underwear model gig, too.

Paulie's modeling portfolio consists mostly of underwear shots. Aside from that and his past as a party DJ, Paulie's personal training game with Calafiore 360 Fitness is on point. Now let's just see how far Paulie can get in Big Brother 18, because being able to physically best others is just half the game.