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Rob Apparently Can't Keep Up With The Kardashians

For once, it seems that Rob Kardashian is the most notorious of the famous siblings. While he usually takes a back seat to his famous sisters (Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, and Kendall), Rob stole the spotlight on Wednesday when he spiraled out of control on social media over his ex, Blac Chyna. Kardashian blew up Instagram with accusations, rants, and some nude pictures of Chyna he shared without her consent. But much of his ranting seemed to be focused on the amount of money he had spent on Chyna. Which begs the question, what is Rob Kardashian actually worth?

The reality star is the only son of Robert Kardashian Sr. and Kris Jenner. His sisters have all seemed to make buckets of money capitalizing on their fame from their monster hit of a reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Rob Kardashian, however, never seemed to be doing a whole heck of a lot. His lack of initiative and hermit-like status (he didn't even show up for his older sister Kim's wedding to Kanye West) has been a frequent subject of concern for the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, particularly sister Khloe and mom Kim. And yet he claims to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on jewelry, cars, clothing, and extensive plastic surgery for Blac Chyna.

According to his Instagram post (before his account was suspended), Hollywood Life reported that Rob wrote:

I just bought her $250K of jewelry yesterday. This woman is so disrespectful and I don’t care.

He continued:

I pay lambo. Ferrari. Down payment on the rolls. Down payment on your moms car. I pay your mother since u won’t even call your own mother back in months [sic]. I [probably] spent a million alone in the past two months. $90K necklaces. $70K watch. The Ferrari that u pretend u got yourself [sic].

How? Yes, Kardashian designs socks for Arthur George... but is there really that much money in sock design?

Celebrity Net Worth claims that the designer, reality star, and father to baby Dream Kardashian is worth around $6 million. Between his sock designing and his partnership with sister Kourtney's ex Scott Disick in creating a men's wear line for Sears, not to mention the KUWTK money, he seems to be doing pretty well for himself. Although if he really is spending "a million alone in the past two months" as he claimed in his rants against Chyna, he should be pretty much broke by now.

Rob Kardashian could have more than just financial woes ahead of him as a result of his online meltdown about Chyna; she has reportedly retained a lawyer and plans to serve him with a restraining order. Because it's actually illegal to post naked pictures of someone online without their permission... even if you're Rob Kardashian.