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Robby's Post-'Paradise' Life Is Going Well

Have you ever wondered what happens to the people who appear on Bachelor shows after they stop being relevant? What happens when they don't have enough Instagram followers to keep selling teeth-whitening products? Do they just flame out of existence? This question has been plaguing me as I consider Robby Hayes. What is Robby doing now after Bachelor in Paradise? His Instagram states that he is "always on the go."

I know that everyone has made the Ken doll joke about Robby but I honestly have never in my life seen a person who resembled this childhood figure this much. Even is hair is perfect. This is fitting seeing as the woman in Paradise who most closely resembled Barbie was Amanda Stanton, who he developed a relationship with while they were both on the resort. Clearly, this was a match made in heaven, right? Not so much.

Sadly, it doesn't look like Robby will be building a dream house in Malibu with Amanda and driving around in her pink convertible. Amanda has since admitted that she and Robby split up after Paradise. She told Us Weekly "Robby and I are not together," adding, "I’m not really sure how Robby’s handled the situation." Robby has not spoken publicly about his relationship with Amanda (or lack thereof).

Robby's social media accounts, however, are filled with charming details about his mostly shirtless life. Honestly, he, his abs, and his dog appear to be doing just fine without any Bachelor-affiliated women in his life. While on JoJo's season of The Bachelorette, Robby claimed that his profession was "former competitive swimmer" — which technically describes everyone who was ever on a swim team ever. On Paradise he upgraded to "Social Media Influencer." While this is kind of a hilarious job title, he clearly takes it seriously.

On his website, Robby includes detailed case studies of specific social media posts affiliated with a brand and how many impressions and interactions they generated. While yes, they are all very impressive, I worry slightly that now that Robby is no longer on Paradise and no longer romantically linked to anyone from the franchise, his influence might start to slip somewhat. If a former Bachelor star posts about FitTea and nobody clicks "like," does it even happen?

In all seriousness, I wish Robby nothing but the best in his future professional endeavors. I feel certain he'll show up on some reality show or another in the near future.

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