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'Big Brother 19' Is Introducing The Den Of Temptation

Big Brother changes it up every season, but this year, the show really plans on messing with the contestants. On Sunday, fans will be introduced to the Den of Temptation on Big Brother 19, a new challenge that will play with the contestants' psychology. Viewers will get to vote a contestant into the Den, which is styled like the Garden of Eden. While in there, they'll face a decision that can "unleash a consequence on the house." Basically, Big Brother is making them offers they can't refuse and really messing with them this time around.

Host Julie Chen previewed the Den of Temptation at the end of last week's premiere and it sounds pretty out of control. This week, whoever America votes into the Den will be faced with accepting the Pendant of Protection, which will ensure that they're not nominated or evicted for three whole evictions. Of course, there's a mystery consequence if they accept the pendulum, so it's not necessarily a prize. Will the person accept it or stick to their strategy?

The Den of Temptation is all about drama. And according to Twitter, the next two temptations have already been leaked. Allegedly, later this season the unlucky contestant in the Den will be offered the Ring of Replacement, which they can use just once to give themselves the power to play in any Veto Competition.

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Another temptation will be a Halting Hex, which will give the contestant the power to call off any eviction night, whether they're on the block or not, buying themselves or a friend some time. All of these are really cool tools to use in the game, especially the Halting Hex, so it's going to be excruciating watching the contestants try to weigh their options.

Fans can vote on CBS.com for the contestant they want to send into the Den of Temptation and luckily, each houseguest can only be voted in once. This week, the voting's already closed for the Den of Temptation: returning Big Brother star Paul Abrahamian is going in, with 29 percent of the votes, although Christina Abbott was (kinda) close behind at 17 percent. Paul was an obvious choice, as the controversial returning contestant. Being the sometimes rowdy, offensive guy that he can be, fans are probably ready to see what he's really up to this time around in the house. But that's what Big Brother's all about right?