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The Snapchat Fruit Game, Decoded

It's that time of year when everything is sort of slowed down, so of course people have nothing better to do than play with their phones. Have you noticed the new Snapchat fruit game? It's totally weird. But then again, so was 2016, so why not play an emoji game on a social media app? A bunch of teenagers (because we all know they rule the world at the end of the day) decided that various fruit emoji now correspond to your relationship status. According to Wojdlyo Social Media, a group of girls wanted to "confuse" boys. (Remember a few years ago when women were putting their bra colors on Facebook? Same idea.)

Here's the breakdown, according to Reddit, so you can pretend you are in with Gen Z and didn't have to google "snapchat fruit game" to have me explain it to you. You're welcome.

A blueberry emoji means you're single, a pineapple means its complicated, and a raspberry means you just don't want to commit. A cherry means you're taken, a lemon means that you're single and loving it it, and a banana means you're married. An apple means you're engaged. So there you have it: aren't you glad you figured it out?

But! The boys on social media found out about the game, so everything is ruined now (not really, nothing is ruined, all will be OK). But the men did start their own game by posting their shoe size — and supposedly revealing the size of their you-know-what's. Oh, gender stereotypes; of course the females are sharing how they feel about relationships and men are just bragging about their penis size. Some things will never go away. Some boys were also posting the names of sports video games to refer to their relationship status, too.

There's no reason whatsoever behind this game, unlike the bra color posting game, which was eventually linked to breast cancer awareness. That game began, it seems, in the United Kingdom and quickly spread to American social media users. No one knows if the game was started by a breast cancer awareness group or if groups just hopped on the bandwagon when it started to go viral. Either way, at least there was some semblance of a reason for doing it.

This fruit thing is just teenagers being teenagers. But if you notice some produce on your kids' Snapchat story, that's what it's all about. Hopefully you won't be too shocked by what you find out.