What Is The Song At The Beginning Of 'Pete's Dragon'? It's Eerily Beautiful

If you've headed to theaters to watch Pete's Dragon, chances are a certain song made your ears perk up. As soon as the Disney film begins, a haunting lullaby starts, sung by a young boy, and its melody is both chilling and memorable. If the tune struck you as original, that's because it is — the song at the beginning of Pete's Dragon was actually crafted specially for the film, and its haunting words are sung by Oakes Fegley, the 12-year-old actor who plays Pete in the movie.

The song is called "Go North," and the eerily beautiful tune was composed by Daniel Hart, who did the scoring for Pete's Dragon. If you enjoyed "Go North" and the other tracks during the movie, you're in luck: According to IndieWire, Disney went ahead and released an entire soundtrack for the movie, and it's available on both Spotify and iTunes, so you can live out your own Pete's Dragon adventure any day of the week. It's got a medley of original songs (all composed by Hart) and existing music that was used for the film. The soundtrack comes with a whopping 28 songs, including Hart's creations, an end credit track by electric violinist Lindsey Stirling, and a song by The Lumineers.

The soundtrack also features an unexpected cover of a classic song — for the film, St. Vincent covered Karen Dalton's "Something on Your Mind." Other names on the album include Bonnie "Prince" Billy (singing "The Dragon Song"), Leonard Cohen ("So Long, Marianne"), Bosque Brown ("Gina Anne"), and Okkervil River ("Candle on the Water"). The soundtrack changes are certainly a shift from the old Pete's Dragon, but critics seem to be enjoying the "soundtrack of melancholic folk," as the A.V. Club dubbed it.

Personally, when I first heard Fegley singing "Go North" in a TV spot commercial for Pete's Dragon, I thought I was seeing an ad for an unexpected new fantasy movie of Lord of the Rings caliber, not a Disney movie — which is a good sign that the soundtrack for the film will keep parents involved just as much as children. Movies with great soundtracks also just tend to be greater movies in general, so the original scoring by Hart and his pick of fantastic songs is a good sign that Pete's Dragon is a film is worth watching.

The Pete's Dragon soundtrack was released on Friday, and it's now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. Buy it or stream it whenever you're in need of some dragon-y goodness.