Here's Where To Find The 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' On Facebook

TLC just introduced a new docuseries following a family welcoming sextuplets into their family, and fans who love keeping up with multiples probably want to know: what is the Waldrops' Facebook from Sweet Home Sextuplets? Well, there are two ways to follow their journey on Facebook. Dad Eric's Facebook seems to be mostly private, but mom Courtney's page is public and she shares tons of updates. The family also has an official Facebook fan page called God's Divine Nine—Sweet Home Sextuplets. The nine is a reference to the nine Waldrop children: 10-month-old sextuplets Layke, Blu, Tag, Rivers, Rawlings, and Rayne, 6-year-old twin boys Wales and Bridge, and 9-year-old eldest boy, Saylor.

After Saylor was born, Courtney and Eric suffered several devastating miscarriages, prompting the couple, who have been friends since childhood, to pursue fertility treatments. They successfully conceived twins and decided to try for just one more — which is, of course, the exact trick to conceiving multiples. With the help of a 40-person labor and delivery team at Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children, Courtney safely carried the sextuplets to 30 weeks. She gave birth via C-section to the first set of sextuplets born in Alabama since 2011.

The usual complications that come with premie babies arose, but eventually, everyone made it home. In a video from TLC, Courtney reveals that the boys endured a 72-day stay in the hospital while Rivers and Rawlings stayed for 53 days. But in the end, all the babies made it home by what would have been Courtney's 40-week gestational due date, had she only been carrying one child.

On their God's Divine Nine Facebook page, the Waldrops share tons of recent photos and videos of the kids, so you can see just how far the sextuplets have come from their humble beginnings on the show. Sweet Home Sextuplets premiered on September 18th, nearly a year after they were first born, so while the show has only just aired Courtney's delivery, you can see the sextuplets starting to crawl around over on the Facebook page. Courtney and Eric admit that now that the babies are mobile, it adds a whole new level of chaos to their lives.

"It's a different kind of exhaustion now," Eric said in an interview with Today. "They're doing great, even in those moments where we think we're going to lose our minds."

Luckily, the family had a rotating staff of volunteers from their community on-hand 24 hours a day when the babies first came home. They come from a vibrant and supportive church community who immediately rallied around the family and mobilized support. To help offset the costs of expanding their family by six babies at once, for example, the Waldrops' church helped organize a 5K fundraiser run as part of a gender reveal party with donations set up to benefit the family. Eric co-owns a landscaping business while Courtney was a first grade teacher, so, as you can imagine, the family was grateful for the help.

Sweet Home Sextuplets reveals the rest of their journey Tuesday nights on TLC.