Theresa Caputo's Net Worth Proves This 'Long Island Medium' Makes Serious Bank

Being a medium is not an average career path, so it's hard to estimate what Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo's net worth is. Caputo is the 51-year-old star of the hit TLC show, but it took her most of her adult life to accept her gift. It wasn't until she was in her 20s, she writes on her blog, that she went to an energy healer to manage her anxiety and depression. It was there that the healer told her most of her pain stemmed from "suppressing Spirit’s energy." Once she accepted that, she was able to heal and come into her own as a medium.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, which is just an estimation of what our favorite celebs have in the bank, Caputo's net worth is somewhere around $3 million. For all the skeptics out there: Caputo doesn't make that from her readings. In fact, instead of accepting payment for readings, Caputo donates all of her profits to charity.

However, having her own reality show is pretty lucrative. In addition to gracing our small screens, Caputo also has a touring live show that serves as a source of income and has written a handful of books, some of which have made it to The New York Times bestsellers list. So her net worth is directly related to her calling as a medium.

Caputo's life is changing a lot these days. In November, she addressed rumors that she and her husband Larry were splitting up, which means her net worth will likely be a source of contention. Caputo didn't say the word "divorce" but she did talk to a friend in a recent episode about how her relationship has changed — not just with her husband, but pretty much everyone in her life. Caputo said that there was definitely a "strain" in her marriage at the moment:

I sometimes interpret it as growing apart. I've changed and he has changed. We're both not happy and, you know, it's hard to try to work through that. It's not easy for me to sit here and to talk about this, to talk about my feelings, to talk about how my marriage is, but you know, things do change.

She added that it wasn't due to her career per se, but that her level of success does mean that her life is totally different than it had been before. Caputo added in the episode:

I love what I do. I wouldn't change a thing. I am so grateful and very blessed but because of what I do and where I am in my life with my career, every relationship in my life has suffered. Just getting together with family, you know, just going to lunch. Things are just hard, you know? And just trying to the best that I can.

In response to the tearful episode, Larry took to Twitter retweeting a lot of fans who expressed their support for the couple. He retweeted one fan who wrote, "It’s not my relationship & I won’t dictate to anyone what to do but I wish @Theresacaputo & @biglarrycaputo the best & would have a VERY hard time watching #LongIslandMedium without him on it. These Larry-less episodes are a killer."

So this relationship turmoil is obviously just as hard for diehard fans as it is for Theresa and Larry themselves. In descriptions for upcoming episodes on TVGuide, it looks like there will be a few more episodes that deal with Larry and Theresa's "uncertain future." Hopefully things will work out for the couple going forward, though no matter which way it goes, it's likely Larry and Theresa remain close as they work their marriage out.

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