What Oral Sex Feels Like The First Time You Receive It Postpartum

It's typical to wonder what sex is going to feel like after having a baby, especially if you're wondering what oral sex feels like the first time you receive it postpartum. I mean, you did just have a baby either cut from your body or pushed out of your vagina by your own strength. There's bound to be some changes in the oral sex department, right?

Like most things associated with sex (and new parenthood, just an FYI), there is no concrete answer here. But in general? Oral sex feels a h*ll of a lot better than the first time you have intercourse after childbirth. According to Glamour, childbirth can cause decreased muscle tone in your vagina which reduces that toe-curling, pleasurable friction you usually feel during sex. And if you are sporting stitches or have a C-section incision, the pressure of intercourse can have a burning, painful sensation. Mayo Clinic also noted that after giving birth, your hormonal changes can leave your vagina dry and tender, especially if you're breastfeeding.

Basically? Oral sex sounds like the best way to get intimate in your new postpartum sex life. But how does it feel that first time your partner goes down?

Apparently really, really good.

According to Women's Health, you can actually experience more intense orgasms after childbirth than before because of the increase in sensitivity. And your clitoris? It may have an increased number of nerve endings, leading to more frequent orgasms than your pre-pregnant sex life.

In fact, Glamour suggested oral sex as a way to feel more intimate with your partner without the pain of intercourse. With plenty of lube and the extra sensitivity, your clitoris can become the main focus and oral sex may make you cum harder and more often than it did before. If you're feeling turned on and you're wanting to ease back into sex, oral sex definitely seems like the first step — it also seems like it will be more than worth it.