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These Are The Stores Open Christmas Day For Batteries, Milk, & Medicine Runs

The holidays are a time for togetherness, family, and sometimes, irritation, and Christmas is no exception. While you, of course, love your extended family and your parents unconditionally (most of the time), you may start to go a little bonkers. Especially after Uncle Bob starts one of his “libtard snowflake” conversations for the umpteenth time. You may want to get out of dodge, even if only for a little bit, and you may be wondering, what stores are open Christmas day? Everyone has their limits.

It's not just family that can make you run to a store. The holidays can be lonely for some, and the last thing they want to do is stay in an empty house. But even if you don’t have any issues with family or being lonely, what if you need some batteries for that remote control car you bought for little Timmy, or even medicine? Thank goodness for local hospitals and fire stations staying open so we can stay safe, and even journalists at 24-hour news organizations keeping watch, making sure we are informed. However, there are a few stores that are kind enough to stay open so we can get the hell out of dodge when we need a breather (or batteries), and are always there for us when we need a place to go.

Big-Box Drug Stores

Big-box drug stores have everything and it seems like they're always open. Need batteries for flashlights or new toys? They've got them. You forgot milk for your hot chocolate recipe? Don't worry, they're open. Even if someone is fighting the holiday crud and needs cold medicine, you can count on most Walgreens and CVS stores to be open on Christmas day.

Gas Stations

Afraid you won't make it to Grandma's house on what's left in your gas tank? Have a hankering for a Slurpee or one of those rotating hot dogs (how festive)? Since 7-Eleven and QuikTrip are both open 24/7, that means that most stores will also be open on Christmas Day. Enjoy your Slurpees.


What's more meta than drinking a Starbucks holiday beverage on Christmas Day? Plus, it's a nice place to escape for a while to read a book and enjoy the company of others trying to escape. I've worked many a holiday at Starbucks in my past life, so I always make sure I tip extra big on these days for the lovely souls making my Peppermint Mocha instead of being with their families. Thank you, baristas.

Movie Theater

The movie theater is the perfect destination where you can still feel like you’re having “family time,” but you’re supposed to be quiet during the movie, so there isn’t any room for political talk. In fact, a lot of movie studios hold off on their big blockbuster releases for Christmas Day, and I know several people personally who make it a family tradition every year to see a movie in the theater. Popcorn for lunch so you or another family member doesn’t have to cook for everyone again? Yes, please.

I know it’s #FWP to feel the need to take a break from your family when there are many people who would love to spend time with their families on Christmas (including those who have to work on Christmas day and are open for us). But thankfully, these places (and more, depending on where you live) are open for us to enjoy on Christmas day. And a huge thank you for those folks who work on a holiday instead of being with their families so we can grab those batteries and toilet paper.

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