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Here's When Best Buy Opens On Black Friday, So Set Your Watch

While I personally like to spend time with my family at home and sleep off the turkey (and allow others to do the same) on Thanksgiving and the day after, some folks like to make it a tradition to go get some great deals on Black Friday. For some companies like Best Buy, their Black Friday deals seem to start earlier and earlier every year. So what time does Best Buy open on Black Friday?

Best Buy doesn't even wait until Friday — they're going to be open on Thanksgiving Day, from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., and then they’re opening bright and early on Friday, Nov. 24 at 8 a.m. Every year it seems like folks are camping out a good three days before the sales even start. I personally think that’s crazy. But if that’s you I see out there in your tent three days before Thanksgiving, no judgment, enjoy your new TV, and you do you. A lot of people have to get the most up-to-date technology and have a killer flat screen TV and entertainment system in their homes, right? Plus they sell computers, tablets, phones, CDs, and even kitchen appliances and washing machines and dryers. Best Buy is your one-stop shop for your home appliances, whether that means a stove, or an entertainment system, so pick your poison. Have your eye on a TV? Need a new tablet, laptop or cellphone? Even if it’s just to stock up on your DVD collection or one of your kitchen appliances is on the fritz, Best Buy’s got you covered. Want to get a head start on your wish list before Thanksgiving? Here's a sampling of what Best Buy has to offer.

TVs & Things To Watch 'Peppa Pig' On

From what I've heard, whenever you see folks camping out in front of Best Buy, they're there for one reason, and one reason only. To get that brand new TV that screams dream home. And with savings up to $800, maybe you'll want to make your family have their Thanksgiving feast on the sidewalk and BYOTurkey leg for a snack while you wait.

Tired of feeling enslaved to the cable gods of Comcast or U-verse? There are even deals on streaming devices like Roku and the Amazon Fire Stick. You could be streaming old episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter and watching them capture and pray with bad guys in HD in no time.

Noteworthy Deals:

Laptops & Tablets

Laptops and tablets and Chromebooks, oh my. No matter which brand is your favorite, whether it's Apple, Google, Samsung, or Dell, Best Buy has all of your favorite brands with awesome deals this Black Friday. And with savings up to $370, you don't want to miss out on that.

Noteworthy Deals:

DVDs For The Entire Family

Now I know you haven't seen Moana thousands upon thousands of times, right? Make Friday night movie night at your household with these awesome deals on DVDs — I'm sure someone in the family will be more than happy to get your money's worth out of watching Moana every day, all day, for the next five years of their life.

Noteworthy Deals:

Toys & Gadgets For The Kids (Or You)

Who says toys have to be for kids? Got a gamer in the family or a gamer yourself? Best Buy is selling the new Xbox Ones for $189.99. You can save $30 on video games for all kinds of consoles, and who wouldn't want that remote controlled helicopter?

Noteworthy Deals:

Appliances & More

Maybe don't buy your partner a stand mixer or other kitchen-related item unless they really asked for it. You don't want to have a "blender" moment like on Father of the Bride, but if your partner is like me and would love a stand mixer for Christmas (Do you realize all this baby can do in the kitchen?) then you can save up to $300 on one of these bad boys. Other must-have home items on your family's wish list include surround sound speakers, perhaps an Amazon Echo, and maybe even some new large kitchen appliances.

Noteworthy Deals:

With everything from DVDs to dish washers, Best Buy seems like it's the place to be on Black Friday (or Thanksgiving Day, for those door busting deals). Good luck, stay safe, and enjoy those electronics and home appliances. You've earned it by camping outside the store.