Buckle Up, Because This Is When Taylor Swift's "Ready For It?" Is Expected To Drop

It could happen... any time now. Taylor Swift is reportedly gearing up to take over your timeline Thursday night with the release of her latest music video, this one for the single "...Ready For It?" that Swifties have been jammin' out to at red lights for almost two months. And now, it's time for the next step in the journey to the slated Nov. 10 debut of Swift's album Reputation. So, what time will Swift's "...Ready For It?" video premiere? There's no official word yet, but at least Swifties have the seconds-long teaser to keep the anticipation high and the fan theories going. And by this time tomorrow, friends, all will be revealed.

The "...Ready For It?" teaser video went live on Monday, immediately prompting speculation that it showcases digs at both longtime Swift nemesis Kanye West and her ex, Calvin Harris. That risqué nude bodysuit, fans theorize, must be a not-so-subtle allusion to West's "Famous" music video of 2016, which depicted naked wax figures of Swift, Bill Cosby, Caitlyn Jenner, Amber Rose, and more.

And the lightning bolts flash names in the very beginning of the teaser? They look a whole lot like those that appear on the cover art for Harris' "This Is What You Came For" featuring Rihanna, a song the former couple actually wrote together and became a major public element to their seemingly contentious breakup, as Glamour reported.

Pair that with the overall sci-fi vibe of the whole thing, and it's pretty tantalizing, right? Don't worry, you're not the only one checking Twitter every five minutes for signs that it's finally here.

So, as long as Twitter is speculating all about the upcoming video and what it could mean, we might as well do some speculating about what time it will be revealed to the world — because there are some clues.

First, the vague promise that the video will go live "Thursday night," as Entertainment Weekly reported. There's reason to believe that it could be pretty late Thursday, as Swift's first single from Reputation, "Look What You Made Me Do," had been advertised to come out at midnight on Aug. 25, but ended up dropping around 11:30 p.m. Eastern Time instead, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Could this mean that the video for the video for "...Ready For It?" – which follows the song's Sept. 3 debut — will hit our collective eardrums around that time Thursday?

Maybe. But the British publication The Independent pointed out that it's possible that Swift may want to drop the vid at a time that works for her fans in the United Kingdom, too — meaning that maybe "...Ready For It" will actually hit the interwebs around midnight there, which would mean it would be 7 p.m. Eastern Time over in the States.

That seems like a long shot, as Swift is an American artist based in the United States. Still, it would give her fans here a few extra hours to stream it Thursday evening before hitting the hay, so I don't think anyone would be too mad about it if it happened that way.

Either way, there's just not that much time left to wait, so Swift fans can start blasting "...Ready For It?" and get excited. The themes that connect the "Look What You Made Me Do" video and the teaser for "...Ready For It?" even have some guessing (and hoping) that this could be a visual album, which is becoming an industry mainstay, but would be a first for Swift.

Tomorrow, the video will have racked up a head-spinning amount of views and the think pieces will start rolling in. In these hours before the big "...Ready For It?" premiere, let's enjoy these last moments of excited anticipation.

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